Unblock That

Clear Your Mind and Make Your Move

To really master this Unblock That game, you have to unblock your mind first. That’s one reason we love this logic game - it really helps to clear your head. The red block needs to exit through the chute on the other side, but there are plenty of other blocks in its way. Slide them around to clear the path and beat the level! Of course, anyone can do it with infinite moves...

Hit Your Unblock That Targets for Awesome High Scores!

If you really want to show this puzzle who’s boss, keep an eye on the move targets for each level. If you can hit your move target on each riddle, you’ll get three stars for sure! We have a personal challenge for you, though. Can you beat the move target? Yes, it’s possible. If you can do that, we will crown you the Unblock That king!