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Our offices


Aarhus offers equal parts shopping, trend-setting old quarters and a student population of over 40.000, making it a city bustling with activity. Go to the beach in the summer, stroll through the historic parts of the city in the winter, or enjoy the generous selection of restaurants and bars all year round.

Our headquarters are a historical building located right in the middle of Aarhus. A truly international environment as befits a European capital of culture, the office is also equipped with a gaming room, table tennis, a massage service, a gym, frequent events like Friday Bar and movie trips, and even an office band!


Renowned for its ground-breaking gourmet cuisine, Copenhagen offers a very active, fresh social life in an environment filled with iconic locations and sightseeing opportunities. Frequent flights connect Copenhagen to the rest of the world, and getting to the center from the airport is just a short metro ride away.

Centrally located in the capital, the Kiloo office in Copenhagen offers all the amenities of a capital, and most of them are just a few steps away. There are plenty of entertainment and shopping opportunities right out the door of our cozy office.


Budapest, a bustling European capital split by the Danube, is a perfect mix of historical heritage and modernity. With events all year round, plenty of museums and sites to visit, thermal baths, restaurants, and an active nightlife, the challenge will be which ones to pick, rather than finding things to do.

The youngest Kiloo office, Kiloo Cinematics, is located at the heart of Budapest. In our spacious office with a table tennis table and a richly decorated creative environment, there's never a dull moment.


At Kiloo we value our social life immensely, which is why you will often see colleagues gathering after work to watch a movie, drink a beer or two on Fridays, play games, go to the local gym together, or even practice their guitars.

Kiloo is also known to sponsor events, like local Game Jams and Demoscene parties. Furthermore we have our annual Christmas and Summer parties, where lots of food is consumed and silliness ensues.



Look for our games on the major mobile storefronts. Almost all of them are available on both the App Store and Google Play, while some of them are available for Windows and Kindle. See you in game!