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If you live for the thrill of zooming past rival racers, saving the planet from evil beings or solving mind-bending puzzles, our large collection of free online games at Kiloo.com is the perfect place to enjoy hours of exciting and cool games! We are constantly refreshing our selection of the best free games, no download required, so that you are never bored. Browse and play some of the coolest, catchiest, and most beautifully designed HTML5 games from your mobile, tablet or desktop. Play tons of cool games alone or with friends. So what are you waiting for, hero? Choose your favorite cool games from our free online games categories below!

Burn Rubber In These Awesome Car Games

Of course, we wouldn’t be the a premier HTML5 games site without offering the best titles in no download racing games, now would we? There’s no time to think your way through these cool games - you will have to rely on raw instinct alone. Nimbly whip your way around opponents and obstacles as you speed through each level of these free online games.


Sprint down the strip in a souped-up racer in Road Fight, one of our favorite HTML5 games that allows very little room for error. Think the other cars are your only enemies? Then you haven’t considered the clock or the roadside ditches!


If you really want to get the blood pumping while playing some free online games, then Furious Speed is a must-try. This is one of the best free games with no download required for grassroots adrenaline junkies - you get points for narrowly missing other cars at 200+ miles per hour!  Now onto one of our favorite categories - cool games!

Enjoy Stunning Graphics And Stories In These Cool Games

This is one of our most popular categories of free online games because of the exciting storylines, beautiful design, no download time and high replayability that these cool games are known for. For example, in Evil Wyrm, a leader in our cool games category, you’re a hero chosen by Odin himself to vanquish a giant creature that has awoken to destroy your realm! Truth be told, you’ll probably get fried by the beast’s laser-eyes more than once as you attempt to make it through each level, but hey - in HTML5 games and in life, practice makes perfect.


Or, if you still have the need for speedy HTML5 games with no download required, try Groovy Ski, one of the best free games in our cool games collection. Slalom your way through narrow corridors and around giant Yeti! These two are just a tiny sample of our cool games category.

Prefer Brains Over Brawn? Try Our Puzzle Games!

Prefer no download HTML5 games that make your brain work? Our free online games selection includes plenty of puzzle games to get those gears turning. These fun and cool games offer hours of compelling challenges for brave explorers, tinkerers and more.


In Light Rays, one of our absolute favorite no download HTML5 games, you have one job: direct the light to the crystal using mirrors. Plan each move carefully, because once you run out of mirrors, you’re stuck!


For free online games players who have a knack for untangling wires and a passion for cool games, we recommend Robotion, one of the best free games for robotics fans that will have you smiling and scratching your head for hours! Can you complete the circuits and get all the cogs?

Battle Your Friends In Intense Multiplayer HTML5 Games!

Who says you have to play cool games alone? That’s right, many of our free online games have multiplayer capability! Enjoy the rush of one-upping your opponent, whether you play at the same time or one after the other. Get ready to take your title as the undisputed champion of no download HTML5 games - if you win, that is.


Enjoy cutthroat competition in its purest form with Flying School, one of the most popular no download HTML5 games in our free online games selection. Choose which color bird you want and launch yourself towards the next nest. Whoever misses first loses!


Hit the court with Basketball Master 2, which is one of the best free games for humiliating your opponents! Take your time, line up your shot, and swish! Can your opponent follow your lead in BM2 or our other no download HTML5 games?

Embrace The Classics In Our Arcade Games Category

No matter how many generations of HTML5 games pass, the arcade era will always have a special place in the history of cool games. That’s why we have dedicated an entire category of our free online games to classic jumping, bouncing, flying and other no download games.


Skip across the tadpoles in Dino Jump, one of the latest additions to our free online games that tests your hand-eye coordination and timing. Spend hours helping our prehistoric protagonist hop his way to a high score in this no download classic!


Get ready to shake, rattle and roll (kind of) in Bounce Ball, the addicting, no download side-scroller that will keep you craving more. This is one of those HTML5 games that makes you jump through hoops and avoid deadly obstacles. Grab diamonds and bounce your way to a new record in one of our most addicting free online games!

These Free Online Games And Much, Much More

This is just the beginning of our legacy of cool games - our free online games collection is always growing. Whether you want to challenge your friends, challenge yourself, or simply kill an hour or two, our no download titles are a quick and easy way to enjoy dozens of HTML5 games from the comfort of your own home. Play when you like, what you like, and how you like with no download time to worry about. Just remember: When you’re showing our free online games off to your friends, you have to be prepared to take on any and all challengers and prove you are the best. Good luck with these HTML5 games, hero, and have fun!