Soul Shift

A Physics Puzzle with a Sci-Fi Twist

Soul Shift isn’t just another block-breaking, ball-rolling physics puzzle, it’s an epic story of good triumphing over evil! These nasty spirits have invaded your land, and it’s time to show them the door. They won’t go willingly, but luckily, you have an incredible power. You can switch souls with these troublemakers and send them spiraling own to their doom! You have to think quickly and cleverly, though.

Master the Quick-Switch to Beat Soul Shift

One of our favorite techniques in this game is to send our hero tumbling off of a cliff, only to switch with a bad guy at the last second! It’s a great way to wipe the smirk off of their faces. If you can master this technique, you will breeze through each level with three stars. Each puzzle is tougher, but you can think logically and creatively, you’ll be a whiz at this Soul Shift game!