Monkey Banana Jump

Breeze By The Bats In Monkey Banana Jump

Bounce your way higher and higher as you climb the forest canopy in Monkey Banana Jump, one of our favorite vertical scrollers. That monkey is hungry, and after a stormy night in the jungle, bananas are everywhere! Jump your way from platform to platform as you gobble bananas up for points. Beware, though, of those mean jungle bats.

Launch Yourself Higher With A Super Jump!

After you’ve hopped and bounced your way to a decent amount of points, you will see a lightning bolt in the bottom of your screen. Tap or click it, and you will fling yourself hundreds of feet in the air with a single bound! Move left and right quickly to snag those bananas on your way up, and as always, watch for those bats. Combine this jump with a shield, which you can get by eating watermelon, and you’ll be unstoppable in this Monkey Banana Jump game!