100 Little Monsters

Monsters Away!

Journey to a very strange factory in this 100 Little Monsters game, where you dump these razor-toothed terrors into containers for points! You’re in control of the monster dispenser. When the moving container is lined up under the nozzle, let ‘em drop! You have a hundred misses before it’s game over. The more you recycle a monster, the more evolved it becomes. As you level up, you’ll earn coins, too.

Try All The 100 Little Monsters Levels

Use your hard-earned loot to journey to new areas in this funny arcade game. You can drop these little guys into laundry baskets and even beehives! The more skilled you are, the more loot you will earn per round for new level unlocks. We love this game because it’s creative and funny, but still challenging. It will test multiple skills, including timing and accuracy. Keep those 100 Little Monsters in line!