Hook A Beauty In Fishing Frenzy!

If you’re the type who gets bored waiting for an hour in the cold to get a single bite, then this Fishing Frenzy game will be much more your speed. You’ve found the motherload of all motherloads, and it’s time to drop that line and see what comes up! Reel in fish after fish, but be careful that a certain toothy adversary doesn’t steal your catch on the way up. Also, you’ll have to keep a solid stock of worms if you want a chance at a high score.

This Game Has An Explosive Shortcut…

Of course, if you’re really, really impatient, then you can fish the “easy way” by dropping a bomb into the water and watch the flopping fish fly! With each bomb dropped, you will see a leap in your score. Time it well, make sure a lot of fish are around, and let her fly. Now that is a true Fishing Frenzy, arcade style!