Jurassic Run

One False Move, and You’re Dinosaur Food!

If you don’t measure out the perfect bridge between those platforms in this Jurassic Run game, you don’t just lose points – you lose your life! Too short, and a t-rex will eat you. Too long, and a pterodactyl will steal your bridge, THEN a t-rex will eat you! As you can see, it’s very important that you make the bridge just right.

Skill is King in Jurassic Run

If you can land your bridge in the very middle of the next platform, you’ll get an extra point. If you’re really quick, you can even flip upside down to grab eggs along the way. Get enough eggs, and you can unlock new mysterious heroes! That’s what we really like about this game. You don’t just try to survive; you use your skills to get extra rewards. Get those sneakers laced up, because Jurassic Run is an intense thrill ride.