Keep Those Candies in Line

What a spectacular combination of thinking, matching, and bubble shooting this Candy Zuma game is! A pretty procession of candies spirals around your candy launcher. You have to shoot sugary morsels to create sets of three or more of the same color. If you take too long, the spiral will reach the exit, and you lose! For each combo you make, the spiral will reverse itself a little bit, giving you more time to act.

Combos Are King in Candy Zuma

A good Zuma player can quickly spot combos. A great Zuma player can quickly spot combos that will create other combos back-to-back! Keep your eyes peeled for double, triple and even quadruple combos. Just one shot can make a huge difference if you place it just right. One added feature that we love about this game is the “pause” powerup. Pop it, and you’ll have a couple of extra seconds to shoot without the spiral moving! Ready for some fun Candy Zuma matching action?