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Welcome to the Badland

Right from the start, you know that Badland is going to be a wild adventure. Pop! You slide out of a tube and into a pile of rubble. Nobody is there to hold your hand, give you instructions, or even make sure you stay alive. You’re in the Badland now, friend, and your only choice is to move forward. As you start flapping your little wings, you take a look around. You see a beautiful, mysterious jungle in the backdrop. Huge, curling branches rise up from the depths, and big flowers have bloomed on the sides of cliffs. Wait, is that faraway creature staring at you? You squint to take a closer look while flying, and all of a sudden, splat! You just got squished! You pop out the tube again, but this time, you’re going to watch where you are going. The Badland may be beautiful, but it’s dangerous. What are all these things in your way, anyway?

Navigate A Beautiful, Dangerous World

The Badland is filled with all kinds of obstacles for you to fly over, under and around. There are cliffs, narrow passageways, tumbling rocks, swinging platforms and even giant spinning razor blades! This cool and scary arcade game is a serious test of your flying skill. You will have to quickly react to all of these obstacles and avoid being squished if you want to beat each level. Don’t take too long to plan out your path, because you will lose if you slide off the screen! We love this Badland game because it challenges you to think quickly and survive in a changing world. It really tests your skills as a flappy bird and a quick-thinking problem solver. Steering clear of obstacles isn’t your only challenge, though. If you want to complete challenges and make it to the next level, you will have to rescue lots of your clone buddies! Wait, there are more of you?

Save Your Fellow Clones

That’s right, you don’t need to flap your way through this Badland video game alone! You will find plenty of your furry little buddies along the way. At first, it might just be one or two stragglers. Don’t be shy, they’re just like you. If you can get close enough to a clone without getting squished by a fan blade or a giant rock, they will even join you on your journey! That’s one reason why Badland online is such an engaging test of skill. Not only do you have to survive each level, but you have to help bring your fellow clones to safety. Just wait until you find them waiting in bundles – there may be as many as ten of you flying around on the screen! That’s a big responsibility, keeping them all safe. Unfortunately, you will likely lose some friends along the way, but the more clones you can escort to the end of the level, the higher you will score. To increase your odds of making it through, grab some powerups!

Can’t Squish Me, I’m Huge!

See that little orb that’s glowing with light? Don’t be afraid – flap your way over to it. Once you get close enough to use it, you’ll immediately bulk up to a larger size! This will help you greatly in the challenges that lie ahead. Sometimes, you need a bit more “oomph” to smash through barricades and survive being pricked and prodded by all those nasty blades. If you happen to have any clone buddies with you, they’ll all plump up too! Just make sure you practice flying a little bit, because the realistic flying mechanics change based on your size.  

The Small Will Survive

Being huge has its advantages, but sometimes, you need to squeeze through tight corridors. The tiny powerup is also a glowing orb, but it’s not completely filled in with light like the huge powerup. If you see this one, you better grab it for sure, because there is likely a super small space up ahead! This effect stacks, too, which means you can get even smaller if you get more than one. Sometimes, if you’re trapped, you can control a clone in a different area to get a small orb, then you’re free!

Shake, Rattle and Roll

You’re great at flying, but you’re not exactly a track star on the ground. If you need to scoot across the ground quickly to avoid obstacles just above you, you can use the rolling powerup! Look for a black orb with pretty purple and red lights on its exterior. Once you pick this up, you can zip along the ground with ease. If it’s speed you need, you can also find the speed boost powerup, which will help you soar past falling rocks and other hazards without a second thought. On the other hand, it sometimes helps to go slow. Yup, there’s a powerup for that too!

Every Day Is an Adventure

As tricky and challenging as Badland online is, five or ten levels would be plenty to keep you busy. Would you believe that there are a hundred levels and even more missions? This game is so expansive and loaded with content, you could spend weeks on it! Each set of levels takes you through a time of day. First, it’s dawn, then it is noon, and so on. The backdrop will change from a hauntingly beautiful sunrise to an equally gorgeous day. You don’t have too much time to savor it, though, because you’ll be busy dodging danger and saving clones.

Why We Love This Game

Badland is so much more than just a side-scrolling arcade game. We’ve never seen so much story and so much mystery added into a flappy bird title. You aren’t just scrambling from one token to the next, you’re exploring a spooky landscape and heroically rescuing more of your kind. The game reminds us that it’s okay to be afraid as long as you keep moving forward. Do you have the courage survive this Badland game, adventurer?