Just A Kid with A Watch

One of Cartoon Network’s most successful franchises, running more than 13 years now, the Ben 10 games and the show that they’re based on give hope to those who dream of saving the galaxy. At first glance, he’s just a spunky little kid with a weird-looking watch. Take a second look, though. That’s no watch – it’s an alien device that allows Ben 10 to change into any alien he wants! Those wretched Forever Knights will be quaking in their boots when they get a load of this. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll soon see in our many Ben 10 online games that our determined hero doesn’t need his watch to win a fight. Once he transforms, though, there’s no stopping him. What’s that thing called again? The Omni-nator? The Omni…

The Power of The Omnitrix

That’s right, it’s the Omnitrix. Power it up, choose your specimen, and hit the button. You will turn into one of many over-powered aliens that can crush enemies with a single blow. Better yet, some of the aliens that you transform into can even launch balls of fire or plasma! They aren’t all about muscling the bad guys, though. Some of the alien races you transform into in these Ben 10 video games have technical skills. They can bypass (or smash) barricades, for example, that Ben 10 couldn’t on his own. It would be almost impossible to list them all, so we’ve rolled out our favorites for you below.

Four Arms

He’s huge, he’s red, and he’s really, really good at punching things. Four Arms belongs to a race of beings known as Tetramands, who come from a very hot and dry planet. When Ben 10 transforms into him, he’s able to annihilate certain obstacles in his path. That’s naturally one of the perks of being twelve feet tall and full of muscle. The other perk? Handing out a serious beat down to your enemies, of course!


Time and time again, in both the Ben 10 show and the Ben 10 free games we offer, Chromastone has saved Ben Tennyson’s bacon. It certainly helps that he can absorb energy and redirect it, allowing it to pass through him in the form of a powerful laser blast! He’s a formidable fighter at close range, too. Yup, Chromastone does it all.  


Sometimes, the best way to get past an obstacle or an enemy is to simply bulldoze through it. Humongousaur doesn’t have any cute technical abilities. He can’t see through walls, shoot sonic beams or fly. Hence the name, his greatest virtue is his size. Lasers bounce off of him like ping pong balls. He swats enemies aside and thunders through barricades like he’s keeping the flies away on a hot day. When Ben 10 has a big problem, he calls on his even bigger buddy.

Echo Echo

On the other hand, if you’re looking for Ben 10 games to play online that feature someone with an awesome skill set, Echo Echo is in Vengeance of VilGax and a few others. Don’t be mislead by his small stature – Echo Echo is an extremely powerful being made of pure sound. He can take out enemies just by screaming at ultra-high frequencies. He can also clone himself and destroy magnetic barriers. This is definitely someone you want on your team.  


Last but definitely not least, Swampfire is one of Ben 10’s closest allies because of his sheer power and well-rounded abilities. Not only does this plant-based alien lifeform possess super strength, but he can produce a stream of fire from the flammable gases in his body. What’s more, Swampfire uses his specialized plant cells to bend and twist his form so that he can fit into tight places, regenerate limbs, and heal from almost any attack. If we had to choose one Ben 10 alien, it just might be Swampfire.

Our Favorite Ben 10 Games

The best Ben 10 games you can play are here at Kiloo. We’ve hand-picked our selection of Ben 10 pc games to give even total newcomers to the franchise the complete experience. Since Ben 10 has had so much success in multiple shows and movies, this is important for capturing his whole story. With that in mind, let’s review some of our top picks.

Ben 10: Vengeance of Vilgax

The wicked and powerful Vilgax, alien conqueror of ten plus worlds, has decided to set his sights on Earth next. With each conquest, he grows in power, absorbing the energy of each champion he crushes. Like he has done many times before, he issues a conqueror’s challenge to Ben 10. If Ben 10 doesn’t show himself to fight for the fate of the Earth, then Vilgax will simply lay waste to the planet! Of course, in Ben 10: Vengeance of Vilgax our hero bravely steps up to the challenge. And trust us, it’s a challenge. Explore, punch, kick, transform, and smash your way to Vilgax. Once you see him, send him our regards!

Ben 10: Ultimate Defender

It seems like the minute one crisis ends, another begins! But never fear, Ben 10 and his band of aliens are here to ward off the criminal Aggregor and rescue the aliens that he has kidnapped. In Ben 10: Ultimate Defender, your mission is to stand your ground against hordes of alien troops as they crash against your vicious assault. Swampfire and the gang, rest assured, have no shortage of punishment to deliver. Jump in there, blast away, and keep your head down!

Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix

Here’s a great example of Ben 10 as a lone hero. He can’t always just push a button to make all of his problems go away, and he knows that. In Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix, a hail of corrodium meteors has fallen onto the nearby woods, and it’s affecting your Omnitrix. If you want to be able to transform again, you’re going to have to investigate that signal and figure out a way to weaken the corrodium. This means that human Ben, unable to transform, will have to bash the baddies himself! Well, at least until the Omnitrix is powered up, anyway.

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