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From Point A to Point B – How Hard Could Vex 4 Be?

On paper, this Vex 4 game sounds super simple. Help your stick man buddy make it from the beginning of the level to the goal. What they don’t tell you at the beginning, though, is just how much danger lies between those two points. We don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that if you don’t maneuver this course perfectly, you might quickly meet a “prickly” end. Before you play Vex 4, you need to be ready for a death-defying time trial, because every level is timed. Jump, run, bounce, swing and slide your way to victory. What else should you be ready for? Well, seeing your hero get sliced into cubes, for one.

Learn the Environment to Survive

Yes, we said “sliced into cubes,” but if you steer clear of all the obstacles, you won’t need to worry about that! Here’s what’s in store for you in Vex 4: platforms, razor blades, ziplines, and boxes (to start, anyway). Each level will require you to jump across gaps, avoiding spike pits and razor blades as you make your way to the finish. You’ll have to take platforms, wall jump you way up vertical corridors, and even drop 50 or 100 feet to make it to the next area. Use boxes to help you get across spike pits. Some of them even launch you into the air! Got all that? Good – you’re going to need all of these skills to make it to the end in one piece. 

Vex 4 Unblocked

We know that no amount of spike pits and spinning razor blades will stop you in Vex4, so why should we let game blockers stop us? We’re proud to bring you Vex 4 unblocked, the game that no blocker can hold back! It doesn’t matter if you’re at a school computer or some other public computer. As long as you can get on the internet, nothing will stop you from enjoying hours of Vex 4 unblocked. You have enough to worry about, what with all of the ways to die and all. Besides, you will need to be focused on getting better times with each level and minimizing the number of deaths. There’s a lot to do out there! 

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