Santa Run

Who Needs Reindeer?

Those lazy reindeer just want to lay in their cozy stables this year, so the big man has to do the job himself in this Santa Run game. Leap across rooftops and drop the gifts down the chimney. If you don’t jump over the chimney, that house won’t get any presents! Time your jumps perfectly, but don’t fall between rooftops – that’s a quick way to end the holiday. Wait, is that falling ice? Yikes!

Santa Run Tips for Newbies

After several hits of the restart button, we came up with a few tips. Try to jump early when you’re going over the chimney, so that way you can jump again if you run out of rooftop. Keep the corner of your eye fixed on the top of the screen, or you’ll get clobbered by a chunk of snow and ice! Help Santa Run, and he just might put something special under the tree for you this year.