Generator Rex

Breach! Breach!

Generator Rex just wanted to play some foosball, but on that fateful day, the villainous Van Kleiss had other plans. Your boss received a distress signal from an abandoned building several clicks from your location. No, this can’t be right – it looks like a small army of E.V.O.S. has been unleashed on the city! This cracked and weathered building is there origination point. If you can speed there quickly enough, you just might be able to put a stop to the invasion altogether. Rex has always been a bit of a hothead, so he doesn’t wait for his teammates to get there. He just jumps right into the action.

Help Generator Rex Get His Groove Back

Since you didn’t want to wait, when you first show up at the derelict building, you don’t have any weapons. That won’t get our superhero very far in this action game, now will it? Quick – find some nanites to get your smack hands ability! This will allow you to crush those alien baddies with tremendous force. It will take much more than fighting skills, though, to make it to the goal. You will have to have plenty of technical know-how as well.

Brute Force Alone Won’t Cut It

If you want to get past the highly advanced security placed by Van Kleiss, you will have to explore your surroundings and use your wits. Find key cards to get past locked doors. Hack your way through high-tech locks using sequences. Duck under security drones to avoid a nasty shock. That’s what makes this cartoon network game so engaging: the combination of skill-based challenges and intense action. You need to explore every nook and cranny to get the tools you need to pass each level. Enjoy this Generator Rex game, superhero, and teach those aliens not to mess with planet Earth!