Cut The Rope

Special Delivery!

It started out like any other morning, but then you heard a knock at the door. By the time you got to the front porch, nobody was there. You look down, and at your feet is a mysterious box. “Hm, that’s funny,” you think, “I didn’t order anything.” You open the box, and out pops a green little creature! He’s got big eyes, big teeth and an even bigger appetite. His name is Om Nom, and this is how one of our favorite arcade games, Cut the Rope, begins. You only have one goal in this game: get that little green guy as much candy as he can munch on! It sounds easy at first, but there’s much more to it than you may think.

It’s Time to Feed Om Nom

As long as he’s fed, he’s happy. Om Nom is just fine with staying in his box, but he needs a constant supply of tasty treats. He’s a cute little guy, but he’s also a little spoiled. If the candy isn’t fed directly to his mouth, then he won’t lift a finger to get it! This is what makes this thinking game so tricky. It may not seem so at first, but as the levels go on, it can be very tough to feed the little guy. So, how exactly are you supposed to get the candy to Om Nom? You can’t just hand it to him, because he might chomp on your hand by accident. You have to dangle it by a rope, which you cut so that the candy lands in his mouth perfectly!

Cut the Rope to Drop the Candy!

Each level has one objective: get that candy to land in Om Nom’s mouth so he can be happy and ready for the next level. In order to do that, you have to snip the rope or ropes attached to it. Cutting the rope is an easy task in itself – just swipe on mobile or click and drag on PC. It’s dealing with all of the little tricks and twists that make this arcade classic fun and challenging. That’s right, each level gets tougher! Oh, and did we mention that you have to get three stars if you want a high score?

Take on Harder and Harder Levels

This Cut the Rope game gives you a break on the first level as a way of “showing you the ropes.” Simply snip that string, and the candy will fall directly into the eager Om Nom’s open mouth. Don’t get too confident after level one, though, because each level is a little tougher! What will you do when there are three ropes attached to the candy? It’s okay to take a moment or two to figure out your plan. There’s no time limit, and you’re going to need all of the help you can get!

Can You Get Three Stars?

Making it through level after level of fun thinking challenges is one thing in this Cut the Rope game, but if you really want a high score worth bragging about, then you will need to find those three stars! Sometimes, they are set up in the very corner of the level. This means you will have to find a way to swing the candy up, grab the star, and then snip that rope so that the candy lands perfectly in Om Nom’s mouth. This can be very tricky, so be prepared to take a little extra time with each level. Well, are you ready to Cut the Rope? The candy’s dangling, and Om Nom is hungry, so let’s get started!