Crazy Rushing Ball

It’s Called “Crazy” for a Reason!

It’s certainly not “calm Rushing Ball,” that’s for sure! The idea behind this high-intensity racing game is really simple: go faster. Well, go faster than everyone else, hit all the boosts, avoid the obstacles and don’t die, but hey – who’s counting? You’re just a simple ball, dashing side to side as you speed your way down an endless track filled with treacherous traps. Sneak your way past your opponents, hit jumps, boosts and power-ups, and whatever you do, don’t smack into a wall! It sounds easy enough on the surface, but just wait until you get in there. This Crazy Rushing Ball game goes really, really fast! Of course, you don’t have to go it alone. You have plenty of items and boosts to help you if you’re quick.

Earn Crazy Rushing Ball Skins, Power Ups and Loot

See those little yellow lines on the track? Make sure you steer your Crazy Rushing Ball into them, because they will give you a huge boost! Of course, with more speed comes more danger, so make sure you’re keeping your eyes on the obstacles ahead. You can also crash into crates on the track to give you all kinds of bonuses, and don’t forget about the shiny loot. Win for racing, doing impressive things on the Rushing Ball game track, and for spinning the LuckyTime lottery wheel. Why does a speed-obsessed sphere need money, you ask? For awesome skins, of course! Choose from cool, funny and stylish skins in the shop, ranging from common to rare to epic. Make sure it looks cool from behind, too, because that’s all your opponents should see. 

Can You Go the Distance?

Can we be honest? You’re not going to make it super far in this Crazy Rushing Ball game, even after a bit of practice. It’s just too fast and too deadly. You will, however, inch a little farther every time. In addition to flying past your competitors, you should also be keeping track of your distance so that you can beat your own record. So far, we’ve made is as far as 3500 points, but you can probably do better with some practice. Our best tips? Always look ahead, hit all of the boosts that you can, and spend your gold wisely! 

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