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Cartoon Cartoon!

Before there were Cartoon Network games, of course, there were Cartoon Network shows. You hopped out of bed, got ready for school, and popped on the television while your mom wasn’t watching. Even if you just had five minutes to watch, you got plenty of laughs in. As longtime fans of Cartoon Network (and cartoons in general), we are very proud to bring you this selection of Cartoon Network free games! We’ve recently added many new titles to this category so that you can play as your favorite characters from the beloved network. Did we go overboard? We don’t think so, but if we did, it was out of our abiding love for classic ‘toons!

It Just Made Sense

Why do the classic shows from your childhood make such great Cartoon Network online games, you ask? Think about it - cartoons are all about over-the-top, fantastical characters and stories. You can save the world, solve a mystery, embark on an epic journey, and do just about anything else you could imagine. Well, when looking for Cartoon Network games to play online, you’ll find just that – crazy stories, amazing heroes and dastardly villains. That’s why cartoons and pc games work so well together; they both focus on the incredible. The difference with the Cartoon Network pc games in this category is, of course, that you actually get to contribute to the storyline! Amazing, right? Let’s dive into the list of the best Cartoon Network games that we offer.

Enjoy Our Favorite Cartoon Network Games

Ben 10

This young and scrappy hero has been on so many adventures over the years that we had to give him his own game category! If you’re looking for Cartoon Network games for pc that you can play over and over again, look no further than the Ben 10 games category. We have stocked several games featuring the tech-savvy savior of mankind (and “alienkind,” too!) so that you can move from thrilling story to thrilling story. Why did we call him tech-savvy? Well, he does own a piece of alien technology that allows him to transform into many different kinds of aliens. By himself, he’s formidable. As a 10-foot-tall, fire-breathing alien, he’s even more so. Trust us, you’ll be glad he’s on your side. You will help him defeat alien criminals, protect earth, and look awesome while doing it.

Adventure Time: Heroes of OOO

Tragedy has struck the land of OOO! It’s a grave tragedy, too, because the good people of OOO love their princesses as much as they love vowels. Knowing this, four cunning and cowardly villains have snatched each of the four princesses up and spread them across the land as part of a wicked plot. Each princess is being held captive in a tower. It’s up to you, Finn, and your trusty canine companion, Jake, to storm the towers and rescue our damsels in distress in Adventure Time: Heroes of OOO. Of course, they’re not exactly going to roll the red carpet out for you. You will have plenty of opposition in the form of candy zombies and other creepy creatures. Upgrade your health, keep your sword sharp, and charge forward!

Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy

This next dog-and-human duo is the opposite of Jake and Finn when it comes to bravery. All Scooby and Shaggy wanted was to find some really good grub, but they ended up in this creepy tomb! Worse yet, Shaggy got somehow locked in a cell! Well, if there’s one thing that will give Scooby the courage to rescue his scraggly-haired buddy, it’s food. In Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy you need to tiptoe around each level collecting Scooby snacks. Once you get enough snacks to build up your courage, you’re going to have to steal a key from one of the creepy mummies or skeletons walking around. A well-timed whip of the tail or two should do it. Grab that key, save your buddy, and get the heck out of there!

Generator Rex

Join our cocky but capable hero, Rex, on a daring mission to foil the evil plans of Van Kleiss and his band of minions in Generator Rex. An outbreak of nasty, knuckle-dragging aliens has been detected in the heart of an abandoned building. Despite being ordered by his team to wait so they could think of a plan together, the ever-impatient Rex jetted over to ground zero as quickly as he could. What he saw there was…disturbing to say the least. Help our hero bypass the enemy’s security as he takes out alien henchmen with his awesome nanite technology. They never seem to see those giant hands coming.

Gumball: Journey to The Moon!

If you haven’t ever been guilty of kicking or throwing a ball into your neighbor’s yard, well, you didn’t have much of a childhood. The problem in Gumball’s case, however, is that his neighbor has a short temper and a particularly powerful leg. Today, he had the last straw. Just as quickly as that stray football bopped him on the head, he had it cradled in his hands, ready to punt it sky high. Not only did he do so, he did better than that even, landing the ball on the moon! Well, Gumball doesn’t give up that easily. He and his buddy are going to build a rocket engine, fuel it up, and fly it all the way up in Gumball: Journey to the Moon! They’re going to need your help with piloting and upgrades, of course.

Johnny Bravo’s Big Babe Adventure

Wherever the largest concentration of cute girls are, that’s where Johnny Bravo will be. One night, while strategically positioned outside of the movie theater on “chick-flick” night, our unlikely hero noticed something strange. All of the babes left the movie theater together, getting onto a bus. “Wow, I don’t even have to pick one,” he thought. “I can ask them all out!” So, he excitedly followed the bus. The strange part, however, is where it stopped. The bus lurched up a poorly maintained a road, hissing to a stop at a creepy-looking laboratory. One second, Johnny was taking a look around the property to find the babes, and the next, he was dropped into an underground lab! This can’t be good. He has to rescue the babes! Find hidden objects, solve riddles, and stay alive in Johnny Bravo’s Big Babe Adventure. You’ll find them.

Check Out These Awesome Categories

In addition to a growing variety of Cartoon Network games, we have stocked a selection of kids games, action titles, arcade classics and more for you to enjoy.

Kids Games

We won’t say that it’s educational if you won’t! Just relax and have fun while you browse around the kids games category, which was designed to teach you valuable skills in a super fun way. You won’t know that you (or your child) are sharpening your minds, but you are. This category is like a treadmill for your brain and a vacation all in one! You might not think it, but many of these titles can actually get pretty competitive. Beat your previous high score, beat the CPU, or beat the game in record time. How you want to win is up to you.

Action Games

Learning is great, but sometimes, you just need to hit something. Or peel out in a super-powered sports car. If this sounds like more your speed, then you would love our action games category. Fight off an endless tide of enemies as a lone warrior with nothing to lose. Drop “bombs” (the kind that a pigeon makes) onto an unsuspecting bystander. If saving the day is more your style, you can even defend the earth against a terrifying alien invasion. However you crave it, we’ve got it.

Arcade Games

Arcade games have come so very far since they kicked off the gaming industry in the 70s and 80s. We now have improved graphics, more content, and online play. Isn’t it crazy that we still love to play the originals? That’s the power of a simple, beautifully designed game. We’ve captured that essence in this category, which boasts several dozen games for you to enjoy. Whether it’s Cartoon Network games, kids games, or whatever you want, we’re always here to provide you a super fun and free experience.