Rolling Panda

Guide Your Rolling Panda Through Dangerous Terrain

Get ready to “play the angles” in our Rolling Panda game, an exciting vertical scroller that puts your accuracy to the test. Cling to mossy walls, time your next maneuver, and leap across the chasm to another wall if you want to survive. You have to make sure that you land on some moss, otherwise you will lose your grip! It may seem easier at first, but the farther you get, the harder it becomes…

One False Move And Down You Go!

You have to be quick yet patient to succeed in this game. As you climb higher and higher, the arrow that decides your jump angle will move faster and faster. This will require you to take a little more time before committing to a jump, but if you take too long, you will surely fall. Do it right the first time and you will go far in Rolling Panda.