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Wow, That Was Some Throw!

As the saying goes, “It’s all in the wrist,” and Frisbee Forever is definitely no exception. Welcome to our favorite disc-tossing bonanza online. This frisbee game brings you an experience far and beyond anything you’ve played at a neighborhood barbecue. Instead of just lobbing that plastic projectile ten feet to your friend, you’re going to be angling and banking your way through beautifully complex levels. Better yet, you see each level through the perspective of the frisbee, which is a really fun twist! What’s more, you can enjoy tons of customization, upgrades, new challenges and even more surprises as you play through this title. Before we get into all the fun bells and whistles, though, we should walk you through the basics of Frisbee Forever.

How to Play Frisbee Forever

Like other online frisbee games, the concept here is actually really simple: just get to the end of each level. Like in a real game of frisbee, you start from a stationary position. The frisbee is ready to be flicked whenever you’re ready to start the level. Make sure you take your time getting ready. We recommend you peek ahead to see the course before you throw, because once that disc is flying, you’ll have to think fast! As soon as you make your throw, you’ll need to steer the frisbee into certain items, like rings, stars, and more. You can always learn as you play, but it’s handy to know what each of these features do before you go plowing into one. Let’s take a closer look at rings and stars. Grab enough of them, and you just might earn a bonus or two!


See those little red circles hovering above the ground? Do everything you can to fly your frisbee through them. This will allow you to keep your frisbee spinning really fast so that it can fly farther. Sure, you can miss one or two rings once in a while, but any more than that, and you’ll fly yourself right into the ground! That’s no way to make it to the end goal, now is it? Flying through the rings is pretty easy at first, but after a few levels, it will get much tougher. How? Why, those twinkly stars will be calling your name, and they might be floating far away from the main course! Can you steer sharply enough to get the rings and the stars? What are these stars about, anyway?


They’re pretty hard to miss. See those big, spinning, sparkly beauties? Like we mentioned, you’re going to have to go off course a little bit to steer your frisbee into them. In the first few Frisbee Forever levels, the stars might be in the rings, which is nice and easy. As you go along, however, don’t expect such gentle treatment. What’s the big deal about grabbing these stars, anyway? Well, they can help you out in a couple of ways. First of all, more stars equals a better score and more experience for each mission. On top of that, there are some bonus objectives that will give you even more points and xp for grabbing stars in this frisbee game. Just like the rings, it’s okay to miss one or two, but try to get them all!


We just mentioned how stars can earn you bonus objectives, but one of our favorite gameplay elements from both Frisbee Forever and Frisbee Forever 2 are the bonus objectives. Here’s how it works: The game will give you three extra objectives to complete while you’re playing through the missions. These objectives change all the time, so you can’t just get really good at those three things. They could be anything from flying through a certain number of rings, flying a certain distance, going through tubes successfully, and who knows what else? The bonus objectives really add a level of fun and challenge that makes this game so addicting. If you complete enough of them, you just might get enough experience to unlock a bonus map!

Master All the Maps

You probably don’t think of exploring lush, beautiful worlds when you think of an online frisbee game, but that’s just what Frisbee Forever has brought us. At first, you start out in peaceful meadowland. Birds chirp, green grass stretches for miles, and a charming windmill lazily spins in the mild breeze. As you fly overhead, scrambling after coins and rings, try not to be too distracted by this beautiful 3D world. After all, you’ve got work to do if you want to unlock the next two game worlds! That’s right, we have Viewpoint Hill for those who enjoy stunning landscapes, and even Dragon Sea for a more mystical feel. You won’t just be handed these two maps, however. You’ll need plenty of xp to get there.

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up

Would it surprise you to hear that this is just the beginning of all the fun frisbee game features? That’s right, we’ve got dozens of trophies (like the infamous Forever Frisbee clownfish!) and over a hundred new frisbees for you to earn too! Imagine hovering your way through your favorite level on a spinning football! Crazy, right? Just like the new maps, though, you will definitely need to earn a lot of experience to unlock your favorite customization options. This means flicking again and again as you hit those bonus objectives and find those trophies. Don’t forget the most important rule of Frisbee Forever, though – have fun and enjoy the ride!