Run with your crew to liberate the city while you parkour and dodge danger!

Jump straight into the action in MetroLand, an endless arcade runner like no other. Dash and dodge in this fun action-packed game to increase your score and beat your own records! Explore rooftops and underground routes on your run, and be on the lookout for pesky security drones. Play now and experience the fun and thrill of the run!


  • Prepare for a frantic endless arcade runner like no other!

  • Explore all areas of the city, from sky-high rooftops to hidden underground tunnels

  • Upgrade your hideout and gadgets to give you an edge during runs

  • Rise to the top of the leaderboard as you improve your highscore!

  • Level up your crew and bots as you become stronger!

Join your crew now and experience the fast-paced action in MetroLand!

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