Is Your Trigger Finger Itching?

If you want to show hordes of bumbling bad guys how you got the nickname “ace,” then jump into one of our unblocked shooting games online and start picking ‘em off! All of our shooting games are unblocked, meaning they can be played on most computers, no matter where you are. There’s nothing like dropping an unsuspecting enemy with the perfect shot – right between the eyes! Don’t take too long to celebrate each kill, however, because you are very, very outnumbered in most of these intense battles. Dig in, fortify your position, and let the bullets, grenades, and even rockets fly in these adrenaline-pumping free shooting games.

Ammo Is Low, Stakes Are High

Whether you play shooting games online to save mankind or simply show off your “plinking” skills, every missed shot will cost you dearly in these classic shooters. You don’t have too many bullets, and you’re even shorter on time. So take your time, but not too much, because your enemies will overcome you if they get too close. And trust us, after many failed tries, we can tell you firsthand that it’s not a pretty sight when that happens…

Become a Gunslinger With Our Free Unblocked Shooting Games

Sure, you could manage to barely scrape by each level if you’re a halfway decent shot , but a real gunslinger gets the job done with a certain finesse. If it looks like you barely had to try, you’re definitely doing it right! Think you have what it takes to make it look easy when playing our shooting games online? Then try your hand at our thrilling titles.

Tell the Invaders to Go Back Home

To nobody’s surprise, attempts at diplomacy failed in Aliens Attack – they don’t exactly speak English. One thing they do understand, however, is hot lead – and you’re going to send it to them in heroic fashion. We’ve filled this category with tons of games for trigger-happy heroes who want to protect their land from invaders. In many of these high-stakes titles, if you make it far enough, you can upgrade your weaponry for even greater carnage! Just wait until you get that first rocket launcher…

Pick a Spot, Load Your Gun and Make Your Last Stand!

Sometimes, you don’t need to come to the enemies – they’ll come to you. Well, they’re not taking your home without a fight. Your back is to the wall, so load up as much ammo as you can and don’t let go of that trigger until they’re all dead! Of course, many of these games throw wave after wave of endless enemies at you, like Zombie 3D. Don’t let their lack of speed fool you, because your screen will be thick with enemies before you know it. Whether you’re fighting skeletons, zombies, or just plain old bad guys, the strategy is the same. Mow them down as quickly as you can, because if they cross your line, you’re done for!

Show Off with some Target Shooting

If you want to take a break from slaying dozens of enemies but you still crave free shooting games, we’ve got you covered with a selection of fun target-shooting games. This is a much more relaxed, fun game type that allows you to show off by picking off targets with your trusty 12-guage or a revolver. Of course, it’s not that relaxing if you’re a perfectionist – achieving a perfect score is tougher than it may seem. Try Bottle Shooter today or any one of our target shooting games and let us know how you did!

Choose Your Tool of Destruction

Who says you need to use a gun to show off your marksmanship skills? Anything can become a lethal weapon in the hands of an expert – even a couple of pieces of wood and a string. We have plenty of archery shooting games for deadeyes who like to keep it traditional. If you want to be a real online shooting games pro, you’ll need to show us your skills from a distance as well. Anyone can bullseye a target that’s ten feet in front of them with a little practice, but how are you at 300 meters? How about 500? That little pistol isn’t going to do it from there, friend. Load up one of our sniper shooting games and take out your targets before they know what hit them.

Play How You Want

No game category is complete without multiple ways to play. If you want to master your skills before challenging any of your friends, you can test your shooting abilities against the computer for a while. When it’s time to go head-to-head with your rivals, though, pull up one of our pvp shooting games, draw your weapon and blast away! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a 2-player shooting game either. To give you even more ways to play, we’ve made sure these games are available on iOS as well. That’s right, you can play your favorite online shooting games from your phone or tablet. Get that tapping finger ready, because it just might save your life!

Save the Day, Beat Your Record, Repeat

Once you’ve tried your hand at the best shooting games on the web, it’s time to up your game. Go for max upgrades in Alien Attack. Try to clear a level of 3D Bottle Shooter in less than 10 seconds (trust us, it’s super hard). However it is that you challenge yourself, just make sure that you keep going until you’re the best online shooting games player out there. When you quit is up to you, but ask yourself one question: When the smoke clears, will you be a free shooting games deadeye or a lowly rookie?