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Checkmate! Train your skills and become a master of one of the oldest board games! Can you beat the computer or your friend in a classic chess game?

What are online chess games?

Online chess games are a digital version of original chess. The same board, the same chess pieces, just using a computer mouse! In these online chess games, you can play against a computer bot or play an online or local multiplayer. Whatever it is, you can be assured that the game rules stay the same! If you want to play similar games, we have lots of online board games for you to enjoy. A close match to chess games will be any of these free checkers games!

2 player chess games

Besides playing with a computer, you can of course also be joined by a friend! Some of these chess games offer a local multiplayer mode, which means that 2 players can play from the same device by taking turns. That is perfect for challenging a friend in a competitive match of classic chess! For some more local multiplayer game options, see our collection of two-player games. If you want some more relaxing gameplay, click here for our games for seniors.