The Greatest Medicine

With our funny online games, there’s no need to stress out about that insanely hard level that you can’t seem to beat. Games are supposed to be fun, remember? When playing our selection of hilarious games, you will chuckle and chortle your way through comical, none-too-serious challenges. You will find yourself dropped into quirky, yet amusing scenarios that require a keen imagination and sense of humor to succeed. Our mission with this category is simple: to make you laugh. Ready to stop taking life so seriously? Then check out our selection of free funny games listed below and take a break from the stresses of life for a while. 

Our Favorite Funny Games Online

With plenty of ponds, sand pits, and other obstacles, Minigolf Kingdom offers opportunities for hilarity with each stroke. Take your time in lining up your shot, because you have a limited number of chances for each hole. Minigolf Kingdom doesn’t take itself too seriously – you can shoot for a high score or just enjoy this timeless classic!

Speaking of timeless classics, Pie Attack has brought the ole’ pie-in-the-face gag back to online games in a glorious fashion. You will have to try to control your laughter as you progress through Pie Attack because it requires excellent timing and judgment. Watch each window closely and throw your weaponized pie at the bad guy only. As with many other funny online games, if you’re too slow, then you lose!  

One of the best funny games to play if you’re looking for a simple but hilarious challenge is Sheep Stacking, which is fairly self-explanatory. One by one, you pile sheep on top of each other to create a tower. If you miss the tower, you lose! The hardest part about Sheep Stacking is that the sheep come in different shapes and sizes. This is another one of those free funny games that allows you to play casually or compete with yourself for higher and higher scores.

Never Grow Up

Our funny games are designed to help you enjoy the simple and hilarious ironies of life. No matter how much we may try to build the perfect tower, even towers in funny online games will usually end in ruin. No matter how hard we may try to make the perfect hole-in-one, it usually doesn’t work out. It’s okay to be imperfect, and it’s more than okay to laugh at yourself – especially when playing funny games online. So pick one or several titles from our generous selection of funny games to play and remember to never take life too seriously!