Test Your Intellect

If you find yourself yawning your way through level after level with little to challenge your intellect, we invite you to play our thinking games for free. These aren’t your everyday conundrums and riddles. These head-scratchers will put your critical thinking and logic to the test in ways you may not expect. We use mind-bending illusions and puzzles to try and “trick” your brain into making a mistake, so be careful. It isn’t all math and logic, of course – online games have to be fun, too. So check out our top three picks if you dare to put your brainpower to the ultimate test!

Browse The Best Thinking Games For Free

Think you’ve got thinking games online figured out? Think again. Twinz will challenge your perception in a number of ingenious ways. Much more than a simple matching game, Twinz requires you to make complex analogies between items that take into account the object’s size, color, orientation and more. If you’re looking for a challenge, Twinz will confuse and amuse for hours.

Do you prefer a little physics with your thinking games online? Light Rays, brings you a thrilling optics puzzle with each level. At first, it seems easy – simply set up a couple of mirrors to direct the beam of light at the target. After a few levels, however, you will have to bend the light around all kinds of obstacles and corners. If you’re the type who enjoys a head-scratcher, Light Rays may quickly become your favorite.

It’s easy to solve even complex problems when you’re playing thinking games for free that don’t pit you against the clock. How better to challenge your intellect than to slap a timer on one of our most popular free titles? With Maze Lover, we put both your intellect and your speed to the test. Weave your way through a labyrinth of dead ends and make it to your lover quickly, or you’ll find yourself hitting the restart button. Good thing you can play thinking games for free at Kiloo. 

Take Your Brainpower To New Heights

You don’t play thinking games for free to be coddled; you want a challenge equal to your own smarts! That’s why we have made sure that each of our online thinking games is both fun and difficult. You will find yourself thinking both logically and creatively to solve these unusual and entertaining riddles. It’s our pleasure to bring you a steady selection of the best thinking games for free - just remember to include Kiloo in your Nobel Prize acceptance speech!