Skill Games

You Got Skills?

Ready to test your reflexes and quick thinking? In our collection of free skill games online you can find all kinds of challenges. This category contains games with very simple controls, sometimes even just one button. Using just one button sounds easy, but the games are still very challenging as the ability resides in being able to time taps, clicks or key presses to perfection.


But not every game is simple controls. There are more elaborate options where you control two characters at once or where there are several actions available, but only one is the right choice. Pick one of our free skill games and play now without downloading!

Lightning Fast Reflexes

Most skill games online require super-fast reaction times, which requires a good eye to hand coordination. Only the best and brightest can complete the higher levels of this array of entertainment options. Train your reaction time by playing several of these games on the lower levels. Your muscle memory will develop to the point where dodging dangers becomes second nature.

Intense Competition

Other offerings are online confrontations with other players, where timing might play a part, but the challenge lies in being able to outmaneuver your opponents. Easy to learn controls are still ever present, but the focus of the core gameplay is shifted.

Minimizing Chance

Skill games are defined by luck having low impact. It might not seem so at the start, but with enough training and learning you can find out what makes a game click. Eventually, you will master the game. Some of our free skill games feature a degree of variance, or luck if you will, but the player’s capabilities always play the most important part.


Historically, games have been divided between chance and skill. Well known names of the latter are chess, go or backgammon, which have the same set of rules for both players and no dice rolls or randomized decks. Some card games are also categorized as skill games because while there is variance, knowing how to play is more important.

Play Online Skill Games Now!

Wear some comfy wristbands and get ready to flex your finger muscles as you delve into our collection of free skill games! Can you beat everyone else’s high score?