Enjoy the Thrill of Competition?

Fans of free online multiplayer games know: beating the computer is one thing, but beating a friend is much more fun! That’s why we have dedicated an entire category to two-player (or more) games. Clash head-to-head with your friends or cooperate across all kinds of challenges and puzzles. Bummed out by the rain? With this awesome selection of the top multiplayer games, there’s no need to mope around or be bored. You can bring the thrill of competition indoors, browsing and playing our free online multiplayer games until a clear winner is declared. Take your friend to school in a multiplayer soccer game, or try something a little bit more strategy-based. We have filled this category with tons of options for even the pickiest of online gamers. Below are listed some of our favorite and most popular picks.  

Browse Our Action-Packed Online Multiplayer Games

Every champion has their daydream of the perfect victory. They practice day in and day out to be the best, after all. So, how would you have your glorious victory? Would you outscore your rival in a turn-based game, or would you rather face them in a daring contest of speed and smarts? These free multiplayer games have been selected to bring you the joy of competition in more ways than one. We have multiplayer survival games to see who can be the last man standing, tricky problems for each player to solve and plenty of speed-based challenges. Every title is filled with opportunities to get ahead of the competition, whether it’s a sibling, a neighborhood rival or even your parents. Better yet, each game offers in-browser play so you can take each other on with no downloads, no cost and no delays. That being said, let’s jump right into the thick of it.

I Go, You Go, I Go, You Go…

It’s okay to let your rival go first on this one, because we’ll let you in on a little secret: There’s nothing better than following your opponent’s turn with the perfect attempt of your own. After their turn, you say, “Oh yeah? Watch this!” and then you drain the perfect shot or beat their time. Of course, your opponent will always have a chance to come back, so you have to be on your game at all times with turn-based multiplayer games. Whether you are playing a classic sport or a totally new kind of game, the premise is the same. Take your time, do your best when it’s your turn, and make sure your opponent can’t beat your score. One of our personal favorites is Basketball Master 2You and a rival are locked into a cutthroat contest of free throw skills. One miss, and you lose! We love this multiplayer sports game, and we’ll sure you will, too.   

No Turns Here, Just Live Action!

Of course, not everyone is patient enough to wait their turn (do you know someone like that?). Some of us would rather stare our opponents in the eyes as we outdo them for a more personal touch! If you’re the type of competitor who prefers to keep the action going at all times, there’s an entire chunk of this game category dedicated to your impatience. We have multiplayer racing games and many other types that allow two players to go head-to-head for the entirety of the game. For example, Twinzone of our favorite two-player games, splits the keyboard between you and a buddy. Each person gets their key, and when they find a match, they have to beat their opponent to it! Trust us, this game and the others like it can get a little bit intense, to say the least. Speed is the name of the game when you’re playing against a friend, so make sure you’re ready to move.

Can You Strategize on the Fly?

Once you get used to it, it actually isn’t that hard to beat your opponent when speed is the only thing that matters. The real challenge is in strategy games, because you always have to change your plan based on the situation. Anything can happen at any time, and sometimes, you have to totally change your entire play style just to outdo your opponent. Take Greedy Gnomes for example. This in-browser game always requires you to think two moves ahead of your opponent by lining up precious gems. Sounds easy, but while you’re doing that, you also have to prevent your opponent from doing the same thing – that’s a lot to think about at once! The way you play this game says a lot about what kind of competitor you are: aggressive, defensive, or maybe a little bit of both. Either way, it’s going to take quick thinking!

Go Head-To-Head for The Ultimate Bragging Rights!

If you want to truly earn your title (and the bragging rights that come with it) as the free online multiplayer games champion, you can’t just get really good at one or two of these free, no-download games. No, for true mastery, you have to master shooting multiplayer games, matching, fighting and other types of vicious competition. If you want to be really fair, you can only challenge your friends and siblings to games that you haven’t played yet. Of course, we won’t judge if you take advantage of practicing ahead of time. Enough talking. Choose from our library of online multiplayer games, develop your skills, and become a champion!