Enjoy The Thrill Of Competition?

Fans of free online multiplayer games know: beating the computer is one thing, but beating a friend is much more fun! That’s why we have dedicated an entire category to two-player (or more) games. Clash head-to-head with your friends or cooperate across all kinds of challenges and puzzles. Bummed out by the rain? You can bring the thrill of competition indoors, browsing and playing our free online multiplayer games until a clear winner is declared. Below are listed some of our favorite and most popular picks.  

Browse Our Action-Packed Online Multiplayer Games

A single mistake can cost you dearly in Basketball Master 2, one of our fun online multiplayer games that allows you to challenge your friends to some one-on-one action. Not only do you have to master the perfect shot, often banking the basketball around defenders and obstacles, but you have to do it better than your opponent! Got two stars instead of 3? You better hope your opponent misses!

Next in our list of favorite two-player games is Twinz, a dynamic and fast-paced matching game that will require snappy thinking to outwit your opponent. Get your fingers at the ready, because when you find the matching piece, you have to choose it before your opponent can hit the right key! Choose carefully, however, because this is one of those free online multiplayer games that penalizes you for wrong answers. Every second counts!

Master the perfect strategy with Greedy Gnomes, another one of our free online multiplayer games that requires you to think two moves ahead of your opponent. In order to please the gem-crazed gnomes, you have to line up 4 precious gems as many times as you can while also preventing your opponent from doing so. What will you choose: offense, defense, or both?  

Go Head-To-Head For The Ultimate Bragging Rights!

If you want to truly earn your title (and the bragging rights that come with it) as the free online multiplayer games champion, you can’t just get really good at one or two. No, for true mastery, you have to shoot, match and race your way through as many games as you can. If you want to be really fair, you can only challenge your friends and siblings to games that you haven’t played yet. Of course, we won’t judge if you take advantage of practicing ahead of time. Enough talking. Choose from our library of online multiplayer games, develop your skills, and become a champion!