Look Cool, Score Points, Win

Whether you want to be the tough and brooding hero, the sneaky villain, or something in between, Kiloo offers the best cool games on the web. These titles are edgy, suspenseful, and dripping with style. One of our most diverse categories, our cool games online are not tied down to a specific play style. You can race, fly, jump, steal things, defend yourself against waves of enemies, and more. Can’t decide what you like? Then this is a great place to start. If this category could talk, it would say, “It doesn’t matter what you do. Just make it look cool.” So, do you have the style and pizazz necessary to excel at these games? We’ll see…

Play Cool Games for Free and Discover Your Favorites

Like with our other categories, you can play all of our cool games for free. This means you can enjoy hours of pie-throwing (try Pie Attack), rope-swinging (Swing Robber) and much more without paying a penny. One reason we love this category is the huge amount of variety in each game mode. It’s not all combat or tricky questions or endless games – it could be none of these or all three! You never know what these cool games online are going to challenge you with until you load them up. You will have to decide what kind of game best suits your style, but we recommend you take a look at some of our favorites listed below to get started.

Tired of Being Blocked? We only have unblocked games!

There’s nothing more frustrating than being blocked. Your friends tell you about some cool games online, and you’re dying to try them once you have some free time on the computer at your school. You pull up the website, type in the game, and you get a message saying you can’t play! Don’t worry, we’re here for the gamers. We’ve set up our category so that you won’t get blocked! That’s right, the way these games are made, they can be played right in your browser without school knowing the difference. So go ahead, hop into one of our unblocked games and play until you’ve tried them all. That being said, let’s jump into some of our favorite cool games online, shall we?

Enjoy Awesome Level Design, Fun Game Modes and Addicting Gameplay

One of the best qualities of these cool games online is the artistic level and character design. Even if you aren’t trying again and again for the high score, you can still enjoy awesome backdrops, characters and weapons. No two games are the exact same, and we’ve made sure to keep it that way. Each title offers a new perspective on how the environment, the characters, the weapons and other items should be designed. This is so important to gameplay – it can make or break a game! For example, Ninja Action is like playing in a daydream, and we love it. The level design is minimalistic and beautiful. Who wouldn’t love vaulting to the ceiling and running upside down as they play cool games for free?

Switch it Up with a Goofy Game Mode

Just because you’re seriously good at playing cool games for free, doesn’t mean you have to be serious while you’re doing it! We love cool games that take a different approach to playing and winning. Taking out dozens of bad guys or zipping across the finish line is great, but sometimes, you want to do something a little different. You want to escape from a daring robbery or even throw a pie in someone’s face. In Swing Robber, for example, you have to outfox “the fuzz” as they chase you from the scene of a robbery. You’ve already nabbed the cash from the midtown bank, but that’s not even the hard part. The hard part is getting out. You now have to sprint across rooftops while lugging your hefty prize without letting the cops catch you!

Get Hooked!

Alright, fine. We’ll admit it. Some of these games are just downright addictive. It’s funny how the simpler the game is, the more addictive it tends to be. Flip the Knife is the perfect example of this. We could play this one for hours, which makes it one of our best cool games. Just when you think you’ve mastered the perfect knife throw, the game pulls the rug out from under you. Most of our cool games online are set up to keep you climbing that scoreboard, so there’s no need to play just once if you’re a perfectionist. If you prefer, you can just spend all of your time on one game and become a force to be reckoned with on that leaderboard!

Fun First, Points Second

Of course, high scores are great and all that, but if you’re having a great time, that’s all that we want. This category is all about bringing you something cool and different. We want you to go for the experience when playing these cool games online, whether that means chasing the perfect score or trying ever single game in the category. You may be surprised at how naturally the points add up when you’re just playing for fun. So take your time sampling everything in this category, because there’s a little something for everyone. Best of luck out there, and remember to always prioritize fun when playing cool games online!