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Riddle Me This: Do You Love Fun Games?

Anyone can smash a button until they’ve taken out all of the enemies, but it takes a real genius to work out some of these riddles! Our free riddle games category is filled with chances to show off your smarts. Don’t worry, it’s not like taking a test at school. These games are both super fun AND really good for your brain! Enjoy dozens of cool titles and challenges in this online playground. Our favorite part about this category? Every game is super different, so you won’t just need one thinking cap – you’ll need several on at once! One second, you’re figuring out a word puzzle, and the next, you’re going head-to-head with a clever supercomputer. Jump in, but be ready for plenty of challenges ahead.

The Riddles Never End!

Our favorite thing about this category is the many ways in which it tests your cleverness. We have so many different games set up, your entire brain will be “firing on all cylinders” after just a few minutes of poking around this category. You’ll have to use logic to solve each problem while staying inside of the rules. You’ll also need the ability to see the right answer before you make your play, which is a form of smarts in itself. To make things even trickier, some of these games make you solve a riddle AND do it faster than the computer! You may be really good at one or two kinds of riddles, but can you win your way through our entire category of online riddle games? Here are some of the obstacles that you will come across.

Logic Riddles

Logic is one of the most important tools we have. It allows us to predict things accurately and prepare for any situation. In Jelly Slice, for example, you have to use logic to determine the perfect way to slice the jelly so that each star has its own little piece. It doesn’t matter what the specific challenge is, using logic to solve tricky riddles requires a few important steps. First, review everything you know. Then, use that information to make an “educated guess” about what is going to happen when you do x, y or z. It may be a little bit confusing at first, but once you get that logic train chugging along, these games are super fun! Plus, it will help you solve problems in real life.

Spatial Skills

Do you tend to put your shirt on backwards, or stick your head through the arm hole? If so, then you might benefit from some of our online riddle games that challenge spatial skills. The term “spatial” just means that you can easily see how objects are going to interact with each other. This is kind of a form of logic on its own, because you can use it to predict things. In Riddle Cubes, one of our favorite free riddle games, you have to line up four cubes without letting the computer block you with one of its own cubes. This requires you to see how they will stack up before it happens. It’s almost like telling the future! Plus, it will help you with the whole backwards shirt thing.

Multi-Piece Mayhem

One of our favorite kinds of online riddle games involves what we call “multi-piece mayhem.” Now, you may already be used to games that have a lot of different pieces, but what if each and every piece had its own rule? Doesn’t that sound crazy! In Aqua Friends, it’s a reality. Not only do you have to move pieces around, avoid obstacles and grab stars, but you have to make sure that each piece is “happy.” We don’t want to give too much away – so you can enjoy the game for yourself – but just know that this entire multi-piece genre can be super challenging and rewarding. It’s best if you take a little extra time to read over the rules and study the pieces. If you dive right in, you may be in for a tough game!

Fun for You, Great for Your Brain

However you like your online riddle games, they are very good for your brain. You can test your eyes, your motor skills, your sense of color, your vocabulary, and so much more! Don’t worry about which one is better for your brain, because they’re all good. The most important thing is to practice what you’re not good at, try them all, and give your brain a totally well-rounded workout. You’re not thinking about that while playing, though, because you’re just having fun! That’s the best part, after all: building your brainpower while having a great time.

Challenge Your Friends to Our Fun Riddle Games!

Who says that riddles can’t be taken on by more than one person? Don’t worry, it’s not cheating to bring in a friend or family member for a little bit of help when you’re stuck. If you’re feeling a little bit cocky, though, you can even challenge the computer! Even tougher, you can challenge your friends and family members. This will definitely help you to take your skills to the next level. You’ll have to not only solve the riddle, but you’ll need to do it better and/or faster than your competition. Ready to strut your smarts? Then check out this online riddle games category!