Oh, How We Love Matching Games

Sometimes, simplest is best. This couldn’t be more appropriate than with this matching games category, which echoes one of the oldest traditions in gaming history. For decades, gamers have been swapping, flipping, tapping, and dragging pieces around to create matches for points. As this genre evolved, we started to see lots of levels, special pieces, bonuses and much more. We’ve come a long way since matching games started, but the concept is the same. Match pieces, score points, and win! How many versions of this classic format are there? Almost too many to count, but we’ve included our favorites in this free matching games category just for you! 

So Many Ways to Match and Win!

There’s nothing wrong with the classic matching games format, where you find two or three of the same piece and redeem them for points, but variety is the spice of life, don’t you know! For that reason, we have made sure to fill this category with different ways to win. If you simply like to swap tiles and/or drag, then there are dozens of titles for you. Prefer funny characters and crazy power-ups? Yup, we’ve got that as well! You can even test your finger speed by tapping all of the matching pieces away before time runs out! Check out our favorite matching games play styles below.

Line ‘Em Up 

Who says all of the pieces have to be the same color? In 10x 10, they don’t even have to be the same shape! All you have to do is slide blocks together so that they create a horizontal line across the screen. This game totally revolutionized the way that matching games players scored points. It just goes to show you that you don’t always have to put the exact same pieces next to each other. There are so many ways to make matches, it’s crazy! Switching up the scoring system is a great way to keep your brain working on overtime, so make sure to try several of these styles. This next one is a doosy…

Smash ‘Em Together

What if every piece on the gameboard was squishy and sticky, and you could slam it into another piece to make one large, oddly shaped piece? This creates a fun, goofy and challenging layer to the matching games genre that we haven’t seen until recently. When  Jelly Doods first came along, a lot of people were kind of confused. Just like the horizontal line method, games like this have totally changed the way that we see the whole matching games genre. Slide the pieces around and smash them into each other in as few moves as possible. If you take too many moves, you won’t get a perfect score!

Tap Away 

Do you prefer intense thrill-rides over slower games? If so, don’t count our free matching games out yet, because we’ve added a fun and fast-paced twist that is sure to keep you on your toes – or should we say fingertips? In our most fast-paced matching games, you don’t have to slide the pieces together or even drag them next to each other, but you do have to Tap Them All before the time runs out! Pay close attention, because you will have to target a certain color, and some pieces may prove deadly if you tap on them by accident. Will you be quick enough to survive?

Groups and More

Of course, we couldn’t create the web’s best matching games category without including plenty of the classics. Swap sparkly pieces to create groups of three or more. Watch more pieces rain down from the sky and keep repeating until you’ve conquered the level! Keep your eye out for large groups and power-ups. This “grouping” method, as we call it, is one of the oldest and most loved forms of matching games, but there are always new ideas on the horizon. If you’re a big fan of online matching games, you can check into our category regularly to see the next big thing in this genre. Until then, we have hours and hours of matching madness for you to try!

Enjoy Awesome Characters and Themes

Regardless of how you like to make your matches, everybody loves cool characters and fun backgrounds. Do you miss hanging out on the beach in the summer? There’s a matching game for that. Prefer a warm cup of hot cocoa while staring out the window at the snow? There’s a matching game for that. We have little critters, glittery diamonds, tasty treats and all kinds of game pieces. What’s more, you can even find free matching games in this category that feature explosive pieces and other fun features. Sometimes, you have to score a few points first, but eventually, you’ll see a special piece. What do you think it does? There’s only one way to find out…

Breeze Through Levels or Shoot for the High Score

What’s your favorite way to play through online matching games? Do you prefer one never-ending level or many smaller levels that get harder each time? Do you like to shoot for a high score or simply play for fun? Whether you like to match whatever you want or meet specific level goals, we have tons and tons of game types for you to enjoy. Try them all out, see which you like, and make it as far as you can. How else are you supposed to brag to your friends about your awesome high score? Ready to start matching? Let’s go!