There at the Beginning

You can’t talk about the best jumping games without paying respect to the classics that started it all. As far back as the 1983 release of Jumpman, the heroes of many of your favorite arcade classics have been jumping, hopping and leaping their way through epic adventures. The idea has only grown since, and is now represented in thousands of free jumping games like the many in our selection. Why is such a simple genre so loved by gamers all over the world? Because it is simple, exciting, and full of opportunities. Why, with just one button and a joystick (or a mouse, or your finger), you can save the world, reach new heights, and conquer your enemies.

What the Best Jumping Games Do So Well

Without an enemy or a problem to struggle against, you’re just a random hero jumping around for no reason. The real reason we play jumping games online is to help our heroes save their loved ones, find resources they need, explore new areas, and more. That’s what separates a good jumping game from a great jumping game: purpose. Let’s take a closer look at some of these styles with examples so that you can enjoy them for yourself.

Launch a Daring Rescue Mission

Whether you are scaling a massive tower to rescue the love of your life or bouncing off spike-studded walls to save your sweetheart in Sticky Goo, few things motivate us more than saving and protecting others. These situations create the perfect opportunity for a jumping game, because you are separated from your beloved and will need to endure many obstacles to reunite with them. This means enemies, environmental hazards, time limits, and so on. If you fail fifteen times, get back up sixteen times. This type of jumping game is all about never giving up for the ones you care about.

Search for Precious Resources

In some jumping games, you just need food, or fuel, or money, or any other precious resource. Sending someone else into harm’s way to gather these precious items wouldn’t be very heroic, now would it? Take Jom Jom Jump, for example. You haven’t eaten in days, and you are willing to do anything for just one apple. This means taking big risks to hopefully earn big rewards. Whatever kind of token you need, this genre will keep you on your toes as you quickly jump your way through complex levels.

Embark on an Inspiring Journey

A large portion of jumping games online today have challenged us to explore the unknown. You were born with “the bug.” Your family doesn’t get it, your friends don’t get it, and nobody listens when you try to explain it. All you know is that you have to search for what’s out there. You have to push the limits of what’s known. Sometimes, this means taking big risks. In Rope Ninja, for example, you are so determined to adventure through the clouds that you risk your life with every jump. If you’ve got this thirst inside of you, then an exploration-based jumping title will surely satisfy it.

Tips and Tricks for Success

Now you know why to play, but do you know how? Of course, it’s not that difficult playing a one-button game, but if you want to excel at these games, you have much to learn from the pros. The following tips have been used by many of the greatest players to ever hit the start button for generations.

If You Have Time, Use It

In most jumping games, you’re on the clock. If you do get a second or two, however, looking around is always a good idea. Look for patterns in your environment that might help you stay alive. For example, if the ground shifts in a certain pattern, you can know how to avoid falling. Take a second to test how high you can jump, or to try any moves that you haven’t used yet. Time is a great asset, and a terrible thing to waste. Sometimes, we even take time when we don’t have it! Hey, there’s always the restart button.

Know Your Enemy

Don’t just panic every time an enemy comes close, study them. Watch how they move, what they do, and how they react to what you do. Do you have to jump on them or over them? Can you do both? These are important questions to answer if you want to stay alive, hero.

Timing, Timing, Timing

Finally, the most important tip for success in jumping games online is to perfect your timing. Everyone can press a button. It’s all about how you time each jump. Oftentimes, when you clear a low obstacle, there is a high one right behind it. This means that you have to just barely clear the first one so you don’t smack into the second one!

What We Look for in Free Jumping Games

If a jumping game doesn’t have you cheering with excitement every time you clear an obstacle or take out an enemy, then it doesn’t make our collection. We are always searching for engaging and fun titles. Like we mentioned, a great jumping game gives the main character purpose, but it’s more than that. It needs to have beautifully designed levels, unlockable bonus content and high “replayability.” With passion for the genre and a lot of patience, we are proud to say we’ve built one of the best categories of jumping games online. If you do get tired of jumping, feel free to check out all our online games.