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Stickman Army : Team Battle

Stickman Army : Team Battle

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Stickman Army : The Defenders

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Stickman Army : The Resistance

Watch Where You Point That Thing!

Why run away from your enemies when you can simply blast them to bits in our free gun games category? You’re not the type to shy away from a fight. If you simply run away, those enemies won’t learn their lesson. It’s time to send them a message they’ll hear. Grab a fistful of steel and show them why they should have never messed with you! If you’re a good shot, you just might survive. This category is all about showing your skills as a trigger-happy killing machine. Hey, they started it...

Lock and Load!

Whether you’re practicing your aim against aliens, evil henchmen, or even the mafia, the best gun games online follow a couple of tried-and-true formats. At first, the “shoot ‘em up” sub-genre gave you a bird’s-eye-view of the killing field. Side-scrollers and other formats followed soon after. Today, there are many 2D and 3D variations of the classic shooter. We are proud to bring you a generous variety of free gun games that illustrates the best of this genre.

First-Person Shooters

If you prefer to focus on marksmanship, you would love our first-person shooters. This era of shooter added several layers of realistic gameplay that we didn’t have before. In a first-person shooter, you see through the eyes of our gun-toting hero. Instead of just shooting in the target’s general direction, like in third-person shooters, you get to aim precisely. In Gun City, for example, you control the main character’s aim to take out mobsters - ideally with headshots. If you prefer to run and jump your way through countless enemies, you may be more of a side-scroller fan.


One of the oldest and most popular sub-genres of shooters, side-scrollers are all about mobility and firepower. You’re a one-man army infiltrating the enemy’s territory. Generally, you start with a little pistol, but can upgrade from there after scoring enough points. Shoot and stab your way through hundreds of enemies as you run from left to right. Accuracy isn’t that important, just make sure you shoot them before they shoot you! In Alpha Guns, for example, you will be mashing that fire button every time you so much as smell an enemy coming.


You simply can’t go wrong with a good survival shooter. Load up, get behind cover if you can, and get ready to take out swarms of attacking enemies. If you can set up booby traps before they get there, that’s awesome. Sometimes, though, you have to improvise on the spot. Some survival games also allow for a lot of mobility, like in Aliens Attack. In this game, you’re running through the ranks of an alien invasion with your finger permanently squeezing the trigger. Whatever your survival style is, make sure you shoot first and ask questions later.

What the Best Gun Games Have in Common

Our collection of gun games online is designed to bring you the best experience in all of the most popular sub-genres listed above. Regardless of the type of shooter, though, there are a couple of features that the gun game enthusiast simply should not do without. For example, unlockable guns. There’s nothing wrong with a trusty pistol, but if you really want those enemies to fear you, you’ll have to up your game. Earn points to unlock shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and even futuristic bubble guns. We also love gun games that allow you to unlock new characters. Just wait until those evil cronies see that you have bigger guns and backup!

Gun Games Online Pro Tips

If you’re going to save the world, beat the bad guys and/or protect your friends, you will need to do a couple of things very well. The following tips will help you survive any shooter so that you can complete more objectives and rack up more points without dying.

Keep Your Enemies at a Distance

The whole point of a gun is to avoid getting up close and personal, isn’t it? Especially if you have many enemies to deal with, you are going to want to identify your target and shoot as early as you can. Don’t let them get close, because they will quickly overwhelm and kill you! If you’re quick enough on the draw, you will be able to keep your enemies at the edge of the screen. Take one out, switch targets, repeat.

Use Mobility to Your Advantage

Whether you’re up against a dozen foot soldiers, a tank, or both, movement is your friend. Dash from side to side, jump, and fire off as many shots as you can in the process. If you just stand still, you’re giving the henchmen an easy target. Trust us, mobility will keep you alive much longer!

It’s All About the Ammo

No ammo, no chance. Make sure you don’t forget to check your ammo levels as you are blasting your way through entire battalions of enemies. It can be easy to forget this while you’re in the middle of an intense fight, but trust us, the last thing you want to do is run out. Usually, enemies will drop ammo for you, or you will find it in supply crates. Always take advantage of these pickups whenever you see them.

Take Your Best Shot

Gun games are all about courage, skill, and survival. No one is going to pull that trigger for you - it’s up to you to show the enemies why they should fear your very name. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for heart-pounding action and constant thrills, jump into this free gun games category and show us what you can do.