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Welcome to Free Online Games Heaven!

Imagine a place where free online games are as bountiful as the grass under your feet. A place where the fun never stops, and each experience brings a new kind of thrill that you’ve never experienced. If you find yourself daydreaming about a digital paradise such as this one, then open your eyes, because you’ve made it! Yup, you’re here – online games heaven. Where exactly is “here,” you ask? We are, an online gaming experience dedicated to bringing you the best games online at absolutely zero cost. Whatever kind of online game you’re looking for, we’ve got multiple selections to suit each play style – and when we say “multiple,” we mean “hundreds upon hundreds” of games! This is all that we do, and if we may say so, we’re very good at it. We know how gamers think because we are gamers. This place was built just for you. Welcome.  

Created with Gamers in Mind

Look, we’re happy about how popular the gaming industry has become. It’s amazing to see game developers and players sharing in their own economy, which makes more than 90 billion dollars a year, by the way. The problem with all of this success, though, is that it comes with price tags and shortcuts. Some online games play sites will rope you in with a demo or two, then charge you an arm and a leg to continue. Others will have you watch hours and hours of ads just to sit down and play for an afternoon. Like we said, we’re gamers, so we know that’s not what you want. You want to play fun and free games online with no silly business. No download times and no hidden charges of any kind. Like we said, you’re in paradise!  Let’s take a look around.

Always Free

First and foremost, if you want to play games online, we want to give you a place where you can do it at absolutely zero cost. We mean it. We won’t rope you in and upcharge later, and we won’t ask for you or your parents’ personal information. We want you to have fun, so we’ve given you dozens upon dozens of free online games to play now! Other gaming sites may have five or ten free selections to lure you in to their paid selection, but in gaming heaven, it’s all completely free. Think about how much this will help you grow as a gamer. When everything is free, you are more likely to try games that you normally wouldn’t, because why not? This will help you discover new passions, develop new skills and learn things about yourself that you never knew before. We believe online gaming is for everyone, and we’re here to prove it. 

No Downloads

“Alright, great. They have the best online games for free, but I have to sit there and wait for hours to download each one, right?” Wrong! Look, when we said these games would cost you absolutely nothing, we weren’t just talking about money. Your time and your computer’s precious RAM are included in that, so don’t worry – neither of them will be wasted! That’s because all of our online games our playable in-browser, meaning that there is no download and very little loading time. That’s right, free online games, no downloads. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on an old, rusty computer or a super fancy one. As long as you have Internet, you can pop open a browser, choose a game that looks awesome to you and hit the “play now” button. Worried about being blocked at school? No reason to be, because these games can’t be stopped! 

Play on Multiple Devices

We didn’t sign up to limit your potential as a gamer, but to do exactly the opposite. We want to do everything we can to bring online free games to as many people as we can, and that means meeting you where you are. Who says that you can’t shoot stuff, solve problems or play with your friends while you’re in line at the store? What if you have fifteen minutes before the bus comes to pick you up, and you get the itch to play some free online games? No need to lug a computer to your bus stop or the store (that would be weird). Just pull out your phone or tablet, meet us at Kiloo and start playing. When the games call, you answer – it’s that simple! Speaking of games, let’s take a quick tour of some of our favorites, shall we? 

Browse and Play Tons of Categories

At first, we were able to just throw some games up and let everyone have at it. Now, we have so many hundreds of free online games, it would take you hours to sift through our huge list! For that reason, Kiloo has created categories that arrange games into play style, format and intended audience. You can find fun online games dedicated only to young ladies, for example, or a huge category for people who love to use weapons. Over the years, we’ve made sure to include something for everyone, so each gamer has a chance to play what they love and try something new. You can jump into an intense online battle featuring real players from all over the world, or just quietly enjoy a little brain teaser. With such a huge selection, trust us – you’ll be praying for a rainy day! Let’s break it down by category.

Thrill-Seekers and Explorers

There’s just something about the great unknown. Leaving the safety of your home, your friends and the town you love to take part in an epic journey is what great stories are all about. We love exploration and adventure, so we’ve made sure to include many, many of online free games that give you a friendly nudge into the vast wilderness. Whether you’re a solitary hero on a legendary quest to save a princess or just a curious wanderer exploring an untrodden world, you never know what awaits you out there. If this is the kind of online game that you love to play, then don’t worry – you will have hours and hours of new experiences to take part in, and many strange and foreign lands to see. Just make sure you bring plenty of supplies, and probably a weapon, because the world can be a crazy place…  

Puzzle Masters

Who says you always have to go somewhere new to have fun? Sometimes, all of the challenge and intrigue you need is wrapped up into a really simple riddle. Well, it seems simple on the surface, but many of the best online games in our trickier categories will fool you into thinking they’re easy. “Oh, it’s just a few game pieces and some easy rules,” you might say to yourself. Fast forward about three hours, and you’re shouting with joy just to beat the second or third level! We’ve made sure that our tricky games selection combines easy games, tough games and medium-difficulty online games. None of them make the cut, however, unless they’re super fun and addicting. Each time you beat a level or solve a problem, you’ll get those awesome sensations that you’ve been chasing: reward, triumph, and victory! Speaking of victory, let’s “enter the gauntlet,” if you dare. 


For some gamers, it’s not a win unless they conquered over an entire field of competing players. We totally understand – online free games wouldn’t be what they were if you couldn’t take other players head on once in a while. As this ever-changing world of free online games continues to grow, we are seeing more and more ways to do that. It’s not just about strapping a huge weapon onto yourself and wreaking havoc, even though that option is still very much alive and well. It’s also about finding clever ways to be smarter, faster, and more creative than your opponents in all kinds of scenarios – not just combat. So, what are you good at? What do you want to get better at? What online games free experiences are the most fun to you? You don’t have to be a pro or anything, just choose a fun way to compete.   

Our Collection Grows Daily

The best part about the online games play for free environment we’ve created at Kiloo? It’s never finished! That’s right, it’s always growing. We aren’t satisfied with just building a collection and letting it sit there for years and years to collect dust. We are always on the lookout for the best online games to play and provide for our loyal fans. It doesn’t have to always be the latest, fanciest game, sometimes it’s just a that we’ve had our eye on for a long time. Other times, it’s a game that one of our fans have asked us for. Either way, we are committed to creating a living universe of new selections that will keep you guessing. Enjoy the classics or take a stroll through our newest add-ons. Either way, you’ll have plenty of games to practice, play around with and challenge your friends to.

Why Click Around? It’s All Here!

Before we created Kiloo, we were a little bit frustrated with the state of the online free games world. There were a handful of sites that had some online games to play, sure, but the collections were usually pretty slim. You would have two or three games that you liked on this site, two or three on that site, and so on and so forth. Just to have one gaming session, you’d have to open five or more tabs! Well, surf no longer, friends, because Kiloo has taken everything you love from each of those sites and mashed into one huge gaming paradise! No downloads, no hidden costs, and nothing but the best, free online games that money can’t buy. It’s your one-stop shop, so you don’t have to worry about hopping around because we’ve mashed all of your favorites into one huge site – Kiloo! 

See You Inside, Gamer

Are you still here? It’s time to embark on the best online games experience you’ve ever had, so let’s get started! No need to fret about where to begin, because it’s all free – you can try it all. Our advice? Start with something that you’ve never done before. Find a game from all our online games page that sounds cool and different to you and just jump in headfirst. When you’ve beaten that level, taken out all the bad guys, found the secret treasure or whatever else, you’ll understand why we do what we do. You’ll feel the thrill of victory, the desire to explore more, and the joy of a fun-loving gamer. Welcome to Kiloo, friend. Stay as long as you like.