Free and Fun Survival Games

Are you ready to take your survival skills to the limit with some of the best online survival games? Imagine yourself as the protector of an old town defending its walls from a deadly zombie apocalypse or see yourself go on a killing spree slaying every monster and undead fiend within sight. You need to be on your toes all the time! All sorts of ghastly creatures from vicious demons over dangerous zombies to bloodthirsty vampires will do their utmost to ensure you don’t survive through the night.

All Types of Survival Games

We have all types of survival games, so if you prefer to jump around as a ninja while avoiding deadly obstacles and collecting shiny coins you should try out the endless runner Ninja Action. How far can you go before you die? If you are more into gunning down zombies and throwing around explosive grenades you should take on the role as a real cowboy in Cowboy Shoot Zombies. How many zombies are you able to kill before they get the best of you?

Check Out our Collection of Online Survival Games

Do you prefer to upgrade your characters and equip them with powerful weapons and protective armor? Or are you more into sneaking around hiding in plain sight? No need to worry because we have just the game for you! Check out our cool collection and let’ see if you have what it takes to survive all of our free online survival games. Play now!