Dirtbike Games

The World Is Your Racetrack!

Who needs a fancy closed-off course when you can just fire up your speed machine and hit the dirt path? That’s right, in these online dirtbike games, you’re not afraid of a little rough terrain. All you need is a dirt course, a blazing-fast bike and a lot of guts to become a champion. Dirt bikers are a different breed, that’s for certain. They still love to race and fly off jumps, but more than anything, they love the thrill of off-roading. We’ve created this category to bring you the same thrills with none of the bruises and broken bones. Ready to kick up some dust, speed demon?

Show Us Your Style with These Dirtbike Games

Just because they’re a little dirtier, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate fancy tricks and cool stunts. In fact, dirt bike pros are some of the highest-flying competitors in the world. They launch themselves off of 70-foot jumps in the middle of a race, after all! To be a true pro, you will have to combine speed, style, and lots and lots of courage. When you’re standing on that podium at the end, though, it’s all worth it. Just make sure that you win in style. To make sure you have plenty of opportunities to show off your awesome tricks, we’ve included several “crowd pleasers” into this free dirtbike games collection. Check ‘em out!

Flips, Flips and More Flips

We love vibrant level design and ridiculously big jumps, so naturally, we had to include Neon Biker. A never-ending course stretches out in front of you. Soar off huge jumps and count the number of backflips you do for points. Just like most of our other titles in this category, the longer you last, the more points you can score. The trick to success here is to keep your eye on the ground and stop flipping when you see it so you can stick the landing. Otherwise, there may be a large clean up crew on their way to pick up the pieces of your shattered bike!​How Long Can You Hold a Wheelie?

Even without a jump, you can still show off for crowds of fans in Moto MX and several of our other free dirtbike games. Lean back, pop a wheelie and hold it for as long as you can – the crowds will go crazy! Be careful not to lean too far, or you’ll lose control and slide on your back! If you really wanna be a daredevil, you can ride that wheelie off of an old, crusty, dirty ramp and do a double backflip for huge bonus points. Anyone can do a trick off of a professionally made ramp. Only a true dirtbike hero can turn a mound of dirt into the ultimate stunt machine!

Enter the Extreme Motor Sports Gauntlet!

What separates a showoff with a bike from a true champion? If you can do tricks by yourself, that’s awesome. If you can go flipping over your competitors and beat them to the finish line, then you’re a true champion! That’s why we made sure to include games like Stunt Extreme in this fast-paced category. There’s no need to wait for your opponents to make their separate runs and compare scores afterwards. In the true gauntlet, everyone hits the track at the same time! Screech your way down huge hills and gigantic jumps as you elbow your opponents out of the way in this brutal competition. Keep your eyes peeled, because your opponents will do anything to knock you off your seat.

Explore Fun and Challenging Modes

Sometimes, you just want to have fun doing awesome tricks down a never-ending track. Sometimes, you want to go for the world record, and other times you want to go head-to-head with ten of your toughest rivals. For that reason, we’ve made sure to include plenty of fun game modes to keep you entertained for hours on end. Focused on your racing career? Try career mode to earn glory, money, and of course, awesome upgrades to your bike. Want to see how long you can last before wiping out? We’ve got a mode for that too. However you want to ride, there’s a mode that fits your style.

Hit Level Goals to Score Big

As much as we love them, there’s more to this category than just backflips. See those glittery tokens off in the distance? They’re not so easy to reach, but if you can get to them, you’ll score big points! Collect all of the bonuses and tokens on your course to earn unlimited bragging rights. Not to mention, you’ll score enough points and earn enough cash to buy any bike that you want! The only trick is to nab all of these level goals without wiping out, of course. Will you be skilled enough to make this happen?

Become King of the Course!

As you can see, you need a lot of skills if you want to become an online dirtbike games champion. You’ll need the ability to perform awesome double backflips off of huge ramps. You’ll have to have the lightning-fast reflexes and sharp instincts of a natural-born racer as you edge past your opponents on the course. You’ll also need to reach those tokens and bonuses without eating dirt! Can you imagine doing all three at the same time? It’s no small task, rider – are you ready for it?