Living in Denmark

Living in Denmark

Welcome to Aarhus, where Kiloo’s headquarter is located! With a population of approx. 350.000, Aarhus is the second city of Denmark and calls itself the world’s smallest big city. 1 in 5 is a student, so even if it’s one of the oldest cities in Denmark, it’s also a very young and vibrant place. 

Although relatively small in size, you will find a buzzling restaurant scene – ranging from street food to Michelin starred fine dining – and a wide range of bars and pubs, clubs and concert venues as well as museums and art exhibitions. And everything is within walking distance.

The city and the sea

When living in Aarhus, you can enjoy city life with all its conveniences, and at the same time be close to nature. With the sea to the east and the forest to the north, south and west, nature and all the activities it offers is never far away. So, if you enjoy winter bathing, long walks by the sea, mountain biking, or a refreshing run in the forest, the opportunities are plenty. In fact, no matter where you are in Denmark, there is never more than 50 km to the sea.

Having a happy and hyggelig time

Aarhus is also called the City of Smiles. And there’s more to smile about than closeness to the forest and the sea. Danish society is a classic welfare state with a high standard of living and in international surveys the Danes generally rank very high on happiness. One of the reasons might be that there is no fee for education and health care, and society is generally very safe, low on corruption, and high in trust. Danes trust the system and each other, and they pay a lot of tax. But most Danes are happy to pay their taxes as they get a lot in return. 

Danes also love having a cozy time. Hygge is a keyword in the Danish language. Hygge is cozying up to a good movie, having dinner with good friends, drinking warm chocolate by the fire or going for a beautiful walk by the sea – basically anything big or small that takes place in a warm and inviting atmosphere and gives them the chance to enjoy themselves. 

In their free time, it is common to be a member of one of the many clubs or associations. From soccer, to dancing, knitting and winter bathing – there are many options. And this is also an excellent way to meet new friends. In general, you will find that Danes are quite informal and casual, both privately and at work.

Getting around

Being relatively small in size, most things in Aarhus are easy to get to by walking or biking. And most people do exactly that to get around, they walk or ride their bikes. But there is also a good and reliable network of buses to the suburbs and the light rail connects Aarhus with the surrounding cities in east Jutland. If you want to go further, there is a train network connecting Aarhus with the rest of Denmark and the airport is only a bus ride away.


When you decide to accept a job offer from Kiloo, we will assist you in relocating to Denmark. We will cover your plane tickets, apply for your work visa, and assist you in finding a permanent place to stay – and help you with everything in between. The second you land in Aarhus, we will also make sure you have temporary accommodation in one of our studio apartments.