Crazy Games

Aliens Attack

Captain War Zombie Killer

Captain War Zombie Killer ( Cool Action Game ) Free to Play |

Crazy Pizza

Crazy Pizza ( Funny Online Skill Game ) Free to Play |

Crazy Runner

Crazy Runner ( Cool Online Running Game ) Free to Play |

Crazy Rushing Ball


Crazy Steve io (Online Unblocked Game) |

Crazy Switch Color

Crazy Switch Color (Online Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways to Die (Fun & Crazy Game) Free to Play |

Dum Ways To Die 2 : The Game

Dumb Ways to Die 2 (Crazy Game) Free to Play |

Dumb Ways To Die 3 : World Tour

Dumb Ways To Die 3 : World Tour

Stickman Army : Team Battle

Stickman Army : Team Battle

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles

Table Tug Online

Table Tug Online Unblocked - Free to Play |

Toilet Rush

Toilet Rush

TrollFace Quest : Horror 1

TrollFace Quest : Horror 1

Zombie Road

Zombie Road - The Game (Fun High Score Game) |

Crazy Is as Crazy Does

In life or in free online games, there are always two ways to do things: the boring “normal” way and the fun crazy way. Let’s use eating popcorn as an example. You could sit there on the couch and pop one piece after another into your mouth like a normal person, or you could have your friend chuck kernels at you from across the room until you catch one! This category of crazy games for boys and girls is dedicated to those of you who love to do things a little bit differently. Life is all about finding fun in the little things, and this category is filled with opportunities to do that. We have crazy driving games, crazy hair games and even crazy scary games for you to enjoy.

We Love Crazy Unblocked Games, Don’t You?

No matter how fun and cool our crazy games online category is, you can’t enjoy any free game if your school’s computer has a game blocker on it, right? Wrong! We believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy these online games, no matter where they are or what time it is. For that reason, we made sure to keep these games completely unblocked. You heard us right, our entire crazy games free category is fully available for you play on school and other public computers. This means that you can play directly in your web browser so that no pesky game blocker can hold you back. The future of crazy games is here, and nobody is going to stop us! Ready to poke around this category a little bit?

Take a Tour Around This Fun and Free Category

The tricky thing about this crazy games online category is that its pretty hard to sum up in a sentence or two. It’s not just all about free fighting, car or puzzle games, but it has a little bit of everything mixed into it. Let’s explain it this way: What makes crazy car games different than regular car games? Well, in a regular car game, you might have to race down a track and pass other cars. In a crazy car game, things are blowing up everywhere and your nitrous-powered speed machine is being chased by the cops? See the difference? This entire category takes ideas from other categories and makes them more tricky, fun and exciting. Let’s take a look around some of the sub-categories to give you a closer idea.

Crazy Shooting Games

You’ve played online shooters before. Load the gun, kill the bad guy, hit the target, blah blah blah. Look, there’s nothing wrong with a classic, and if you really enjoy a standard gameplay style, then go for it. If you’ve played and mastered so many free shooting games that you want something different, though, try our crazy shooting games out. You won’t just be hitting targets, you’ll be angling bullets around corners and off of walls to take your enemies completely by surprise! And who says it’s all bullets? Sometimes it’s the ammunition that makes these titles worthy of being called crazy shooting games. Delicious pie, anyone? Coming right up at 200 miles an hour! Whatever you’re used to, prepare to be taken by surprise by these crazy shooting games.

Crazy Car and Driving Games

As we already mentioned, you could just tool along some boring, closed-off race track in your rally car, or you could boost your way down a crowded street during rush hour! Crazy car games are all about putting you in the driver’s seat of a completely unique and unpredictable experience. It doesn’t always have to be racing, either. Sometimes, you’re just trying to park your darn car, but other people and things get in the way. There are tons of ways to make car games crazy and unforgettable. Ever driven two cars at once? It’s not completely impossible, but it’s quite close. If you’ve already mastered your favorite online racing game, head over to this crazy games unblocked category for a challenge that will make you go, “What on Earth is this?” Zombie Road is a good example of a crazy car game. I mean, running over zombies doesn't get any crazier.

Crazy Stickman Games

Ah, the timeless classic that is stickman animation. Crazy games stickman style are just perfect, because there is no end to the trouble that you can get into. Your stickman character can hop into any vehicle, grab any weapon, explore any area or do anything else that the game requires him to. He’s the ultimate crash test dummy, hero, and joker. He has been drawn thousands of times by thousands of game designers, but the concept is always the same: skinny body, stick arms and legs and a circular head. Try fighting endless hordes of stickmen in Stickman Fighter : Epic battles and tell me you don't feel a bit craxy?

The Best Part? Not Knowing What You’ll Find

Let us give you a small piece of advice before you venture into this crazy games category, if we may: don’t try to figure it out. Don’t worry about how it was set up, why certain games are where, and how you can beat each one. If it all made perfect sense right off the bat, then it wouldn’t be very crazy, now would it? Just clear your mind, hop into the category and get ready to and so something you’ve never seen and done before. This category is all about an unpredictable experience, so don’t try to predict it! Once you embrace the crazy side of life, starting with this crazy games category, you’ll find that even the little things are that much more enjoyable.