The only thing keeping you from treasures beyond your wildest dreams: an infestation of deadly dragons

But these aren’t just any old fire-breathing dragons, oh no. Each one you encounter is more challenging than the last, wielding fiery, fearsome powers. Enter the fantasy world of Dragons & Diamonds to journey on a puzzling adventure. Assemble your team of brave bounty hunters and explore a lost world filled with dangerous dungeons, gold beyond imagination, and vicious beasts waiting around every corner.


  • Enjoy the challenge of an epic, free-to-play fantasy RPG

  • Defeat dragons by matching chains of diamonds for maximum damage

  • Match 3 or more diamonds of the same color to damage enemies or heal your team

  • Choose the best combination of hunters for each battle

  • Collect loot to upgrade your party and make it even stronger

Prove your might or the precious treasure will be lost forever!

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