Arcade Games

100 Little Monsters

100 Little Monsters (Funny Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Brave Triangle

Brave Triangle (Fun Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Bunny Pop

Bunny Pop (Fun Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Bunny Pop Easter

Bunny Pop Easter (Fun Matching Game) Free to Play |

Celestial Fall

Celestial Fall (Fun Runner Game) Free to Play |

Circle Run

Circle Run (Fun Arcade Game) Free to Play |

City Rescue

City Rescue

Click Battle

Click Battle (Fun Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Dogi Bubble Shooter

Dogi Bubble Shooter (Fun Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Donut Shooter

Donut Shooter (Fun Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Dragus World

Dragus World

Fantasy Star Pinball

Fantasy Star Pinball

Farting Pig

Farting Pig Game (Unblocked) Free to Play |

Flappy Ball 2

Flappy Ball 2

Flappy UFO

Flappy UFO (Online Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Foot Chinko

Foot Chinko

Incredible Ninja

Incredible Ninja

Knife Smash

Knife Smash (Fun Online Game) Free to Play |

Little Dino Adventure

Little Dino Adventure

Maglu V2

Maglu V2

Mini-O Stars

Mini-O Stars (Online Jumping Game) Free to Play |

Minigolf Master

Minigolf Master (Online Golf Game) Free to Play |

Mr. Worm

Mr. Worm

Neon Blaster

Neon Blaster 2

Paper io 2 Unblocked (Online Free Game) |


Shards (Fun Online Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Spinner Astro The Floor is Lava

Spinner Astro The Floor is Lava

Stick Freak

Stick Freak (Fun Arcade Game) Free to Play |

Street Driver

Street Driver (Fun Car Game) Free to Play |

Subway Surfers

SUBWAY SURFERS ( Online Game ) Free to Play | Unblocked (Wormroyale) Free to Play |

Where It All Began

Without question, the golden era of video games started with classic arcade games in the late 70s and early 80s. Before we even had the Internet, people all over the world were gobbling up tokens, jumping over bad guys and shooting aliens. Suddenly, a simple quarter (or even less) became a ticket to an exciting and dangerous realm. Arcades became almost as common as street-side cafes for the millions of people swept up by this craze. At Kiloo, we not only believe that we owe much of our success to classic arcade games – we believe it’s our obligation to bring online arcade games to the next level. Are you coming with us?

Old Games, New Graphics

Of course, the visuals in our online arcade games are a little bit “crisper” than the old arcade games, but don’t worry – we didn’t ruin the nostalgia with graphics. No, we’ve re-mastered the classics in our own way by providing you with entirely new arcade-style titles that you can play whenever you want for free! We’ve got everything you need to shoot, run, jump, bounce and fly your way through these fun titles. So get ready to reminisce on the good ole days of mullets and joysticks, because Kiloo is taking arcade to the next level!

Always Free, Always Unblocked

Trying to get your game on at school? If you keep getting blocked by the school computer, don’t worry – we’ve found a way around that! Our online arcade games are playable right in your web browser, so as long as you have Internet, you’re good to go. This entire category is filled with unblocked games, so you don’t have to pick just the one or two that work. Whether you’re at school, the library, or any other public computer, we’ve got a ton of unblocked games for you to enjoy – free of charge. 

Become an Online Arcade Games Legend

Thankfully for you, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars while yelling at the screen of your favorite game to develop your skills. Nope, we’re offering our entire selection of the best arcade games for free. There’s no need to change out all of your hard-earned moolah for a massive sack of quarters. Just hop on to Kiloo and boot up one of the classics! Each time you hit that restart button, you’re getting a little more practice – even though it just feels like fun. Speaking of, the following recommendations should give you a nice start in this category.

Athletics and Arcade Games: A Match Made in Heaven

If you’re an athlete as well as an online arcade games fan, then you’ll be delighted to see that this category is filled with both! The coolest part is, you can do things in these cool arcade games that you could never do on the field. If you want to keep your gameplay in that rhythm of jump, dodge, repeat, we bring you the simple and addicting title that is Bounce Ball. This is one of our most played titles because of its attractive design and simple yet challenging gameplay. This isn’t our only fun arcade game with a ball. In fact, we have dozens for you to try! What are you waiting for?

Ready the Slingshot and Fire Away!

Who doesn’t love pulling back, aiming, and launching a character at a target? This sub-genre of arcade games has really taken the world by storm over the past ten years. It started with a certain group of unhappy birds, but now it has spread to many other instantly classic games. If Flying School were old enough, for example, it would surely be in the classic arcade games hall of fame for its fun and innovative gameplay. Your brave little bird stands (or sits, rather) at the ready. Whenever you command it, it will launch itself into the sky while attempting to fly. Whether you’re aiming for a single target or trying to demolish a tower of bricks, this category has plenty for you to aim at.

Even Classic Would Say That’s Classic

We could go on for hours and hours about all of the new and exciting arcade games that we’ve found. There’s just something about the classics, though, that really keeps us entertained. When arcade games were first getting popular in the 80s, the developers didn’t have half the tricks and technology that we do today. Still, they found a way to make games like Planet Defense super fun and entertaining for hours on end. People lined up outside arcades with giant bags full of change, just waiting for those doors to open so they could play the day away. To honor the classics, we’ve made sure to include plenty of planet defense games, runners and so on. There are a few upgrades, of course, but the style will take you back in time!  

Master the Whole Category!

Even back in the 80s, the best arcade games players didn’t just master one game. If you want true bragging rights, you’re going to have to sweep this whole category. Practice, practice, practice. Get really good at one game, make it to the end (or the best high score you can get), and start all over again! That’s right, we said it. We’re talking high scores all the way across. The gauntlet has been laid down – will you step up to earn your place as the online arcade games master?