It’s Still Pinball, Just…Furrier

Forget what you think you know about pinball – Zoo Pinball is where the real fun is! This version puts a fun, light-hearted spin on the classic arcade game that we all know and love. Simply pull that plunger down and you’re off. We’ve got rhinos, tigers, zebras, hippos, and crocs all waiting to help you rack up the points, but you have to be quick with the paddles.

Zoo Pinball Provides Easy Entertainment For Hours

If you are accurate enough to get the ball into the tiger’s mouth, get ready for your hairs to stand on end as the machine lets out a mighty roar. Needless to say, this impressive sound comes with an impressive bonus in points, as well. You could shoot for this target or just aimlessly flap the paddles – the choice is yours. Can you beat your own high score? Do you care? This Zoo Pinball game is just for fun!