Zombies Can’t Jump

These Zombies Can’t Jump, But They Can Bite

Don’t be fooled into a false sense of security by the fact that these Zombies Can’t Jump. They outnumber you a hundred to one, and no matter how many crates you build to stand on, they will smash them to bits just to get a snack! They don’t do so well against bullets, though. Keep the lead flying and the defenses strong and you just might survive this action-packed shooter.

The Well Equipped Will Survive, Maybe

To stay alive, you have to evolve. Ditch that pea-shooter for a shotgun. Grab some spiked balls and throw them in the path of the zombies. If all else fails, use survival rage to mercilessly spray the zombies with bullets. As long as you both work together, you have a shot at making it out alive in this Zombies Can’t Jump game!