Zombies Can’t Jump 2

Zombies Can’t Jump 2 Drops You Right In The Action

Pedro and Juana are the only humans left in Zombies Can’t Jump 2, and they are right in the thick of it. Zombies approach from all sides, desperate for something (or someone) to eat. All you have at the start of this tower defense game aside from your gun is a wooden box and a hammer, but it’s better than nothing. Build your defenses quickly, take the high ground, and rain down bullets on those zombies!

They Up Their Game, You Up Yours

If zombies approach from both sides at once, fight back-to-back. If they increase their numbers, you upgrade your weapons. Don’t let them get an edge. If you can make it through each level of story mode, test your firepower in survival. When you are down to your last box in this Zombies Can’t Jump 2 game, and you hear it splinter and break, you’re done for!