Zombie Walk

Help Your Zombie Traverse Deadly Caverns

Why did the Zombie Walk across the bridge? To get to the other side, of course. More specifically, our undead hero is looking for bones and skulls to eat. Help him to get across dangerous, rocky cliffs in one of three environments by building bridges. You have to make sure that your bridge is neither too short nor too long, because it’s a long way down…

One Chance To Get It Right In Zombie Walk

You’re not exactly a master of architecture – you have no tape measure to use and very little time, so you will just have to “eyeball” it as you measure out your bridge. Tap and hold to lengthen the bridge and release when you’re ready to drop it onto the next area. If you see something under the bridge that you like, you may just have to catch it on the flip side. How many bones will you devour in this Zombie Walk game?