Zombie Shooter

Good Thing These Bullets Can Bounce

There’s nothing like the perfectly ricocheted bullet in this Zombie Hunter game. Angle your shot just right, bank it off of a couple of walls if you have to, and watch it tear through a cluster of mouth-breathing zombies! Make sure to make every shot count, and don’t forget to take out the sneaky zombies in the corners of the level. When everyone’s dead for good, you can move on to the next level.

Zombie Shooter Rewards The Creative Killer

If you want to get three stars on this cool and funny shooting game, you will have to make skillful use of physics and, of course, any props you can use. A conveniently located wrecking ball, for example, can be disconnected from its chain with a well-placed bullet, sending it hurling towards a cluster of zombies. Bounce your bullets, use the props, and smoke each level with a three-star rating in Zombie Shooter.