Zombie Shooter

Like Sitting Ducks, Only Way Less Cute

The bad news? This area has seen a huge infestation of zombies, and they’ve had to call the Zombie Shooter in. The good news? This isn’t exactly the most advanced strain of zombies. They don’t run and they don’t bite. In fact, they don’t even move! Better take them all out anyway, just to be safe. In this Zombie Shooter game, your mission is simple. Shoot all of those zombies dead before you run out of ammo. We’re way out in the desert, so if you miss too much, that’s all she wrote! 

Ricochet Away

The first level or two of Zombie Shooter online is pretty straightforward (literally), but soon enough, your shot will be blocked. Now, how the heck are you supposed to hit a zombie if you don’t have a clear line of sight? This is where the fancy shootin’ comes in. Bounce your bullet off of a nearby surface, even if it’s the ground, to ricochet it towards your target. It might take a few practice shots, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! Just wait until the platforms that you have to bounce bullets off of start spinning – that’s a real challenge. 

Patience, Zombie Shooter. Patience.


Especially once you get past level five, it can be very tempting to just unload five or ten shots quickly as you try to massacre these mouth-breathing knuckleheads in Zombie Shooter online. The trick is to learn from every miss, though. If you’re trying to hit a hard-to-reach target, test fire a shot and see how close you can get, then adjust. Shoot, adjust, try again. Shoot, adjust, try again. Ready to drop some bodies, soldier? Then load up Zombie Shooter, load up your semi-auto and send them the gift that keeps on giving: hot lead! Are you looking for other great zoombie games? Then head over to our zombie category.