Zombie Launcher 2

They’re Undead, They Don’t Mind!

These cold-hearted goofballs aren’t looking to conquer mankind in Zombie Launcher 2, they just want to have a good time! Little known fact: yes, zombies love brains, but these nice zombies love pumpkins even more. Let’s make sure they get plenty of pumpkins so that they don’t go back to their old diet, shall we? Look, there’s a pumpkin patch over there! Get the cannon ready and launch these loony zombies to their lunch.

Blast Your Way Through Tricky Traps in Zombie Launcher 2

Wow, this pumpkin farmer has really gone to great lengths to keep the zombies away. She built all kinds of traps and put them in the way. No matter, you’ll just have to shoot that much harder. Help our undead ammunition get over, under, around and through each obstacle to grab those pumpkins. Once you start, you’ll be dying to beat all 25 levels of this Zombie Launcher 2 game!