Who Knows What’s Hiding in the Grass in Woodventure?

You’ve set out to explore a beautiful and mysterious landscape in Woodventure, and you’re ready to meet some new friends! As you trek down the path, a bunch of slithery, furry, and slimy friends rush to greet you. Each creature or plant is a tile, and you have to match them Mahjong style to win. The path between two tiles must contain two turns or less.

Mahjong Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

Hurry, you have to match everyone before the sun goes down. Keep an eye on the timer and don’t forget to use power-ups when you have them. The bomb will automatically take out a pair of tiles, the magnifying glass will help give you a hint, and the shuffle button will scramble all the tiles around for you. If you love thinking games and exploration, this Woodventure game will keep you stomping through the trees for hours.