Western Mahjong

East Meets West in Western Mahjong

Our cowboy friends at the main street saloon have grown tired of poker, so they have decided to play this Western Mahjong game instead! Of course, they don’t read Chinese symbols, so they brought their own tiles. Help match pairs of cowboy hats, boots, revolvers, lizards, wagon wheels and even skulls to earn points. Clear the tiles to win, but make sure you’re quick on the draw with this thinking game, partner!

Earn Bonuses and Beat the Clock

The longer you take to match all of these tiles, the more points you will lose. Don’t forget about the shuffle feature, either. This will help you get past a mental block by mixing up the tiles for you, and you just might earn a bonus. If you’re still stuck, you can use a hint. So what do you say, feller (or ma’am)? Ready to try your puzzle-solving skills with Western Mahjong?