You Can’t Stay Here, Werebox…

There’s nothing wrong with being a little different, but in this Werebox game, you need to kick these mutants out of here so that they don’t hurt the law-abiding round balls. In a world of circles, these squares just don’t fit in. They can’t roll, their sharp corners poke everything, and they’re kind of mean! Luckily, a special task force of orange boxes has been trained to deal with the red ones. Tap boxes to turn them into circles, and knock these mutants off the level!

Enjoy Levels Upon Levels of Fun Physics Puzzles

We love this game because it will have you thinking and using logical problem-solving skills from start to finish. Since you have to keep all of the orange guys on and knock the red guys off, you have to be careful. If you want to roll, drop, and bounce your way through each level, you’ll need to be smart. Happy Werebox hunting!