What Do You Mean We Didn’t Get Them All?!

Well, there wouldn’t be a Werebox2 if we took all of those sneaky shapeshifters out the first time, now would there? After almost being wiped out, they’re back for vengeance! Don’t think it will be so easy this time. The rules are the same - transform, roll, and kick those red wereboxes out of there! Only this time, make sure it’s permanent… they stole your ice cream!

Clear these Red Ruffians Out in Werebox2

Become Max Ball, the cop with nothing to lose, and hunt down every single one of those scheming squares. Sneak up on them if you have to. Each level is a physics puzzle that will require you to find a way to knock your enemies out of play without falling off yourself. You might want to spend some time thinking about your strategy before you start - it’s a long drop! Now go get your revenge in this Werebox2 game.