Web of Love

Spin a Web of Love for Your Spider Girlfriend

You’re only a few leaf-lengths apart, but in this Web of Love game, it feels like an eternity. You just can’t stand being away from your eight-legged sweetheart, and you’ll do anything to get to her! Creep and crawl your way across leaf after leaf. Grab ladybugs for points, but don’t go too far without having a snack. What will it be for dinner - crickets or caterpillars?

Encounter New Challenges with Every Level

We love this game because it constantly throws new challenges at you. Use bouncy webs to launch yourself across gaps, carry water to travel across crusty leaves, and do whatever else it takes to get to your beloved. If you want to pass the level with a high score, you’ll have to do it quickly, too. Now go out there and show your gal you care about her with a Web of Love!