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Test Your Wits With Village Story

Do you find yourself bored with most online riddles? Does your towering intellect make it hard to find a worthy puzzle? Then prepare for plenty of head-scratching and “aha” moments. Village story requires you to think critically, often piecing together multiple problems and solutions at once to get everybody “on board.” Excuse the pun, we couldn’t help it…

You see, Village Story may seem easy at first – you simply have to help people cross a river using a raft. Not a whole lot that could complicate that, right? Wrong. Whether it’s personal vendettas between characters, body weight, or unhelpful attitudes, some people are not able (or willing, really) to cross the river with others. Some people are not even able to cross by themselves. It’s up to YOU to manage this situation using only your brainpower in as few maneuvers as possible. That’s what makes this game one of the most fun and rewarding online riddles.

But wait, why does being fast and efficient matter in Village Story, you ask?

Can You Get Three Stars?

It’s one thing to ferry a couple of laborers across a river, even if some don’t like the others, as sheer guessing with most online riddles will eventually get you to the proper sequence of movements. We didn’t design Village Story for sheer guessing, however – we want geniuses. We want challenge. If you can get everyone across the river in four moves and two minutes, we want you to do it in three moves and one minute. That’s what those stars are in Village Story – ratings! Three stars is the fastest and most efficient, and one star is the slowest.

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