Who Wants to Party Alone?

It’s pretty fun sleeping all day and partying all night, but in this Vampirizer game, you and your pale-skinned pals are getting kinda lonely. What’s that, a huge dance party in the distance? Now’s your chance! Make your way to the party while it’s still dark out, and plan a sneak attack on every human you meet along the way!

Bite Your Way Through 28 Vampirizer Levels

As it turns out, this is a huge party, and there are a lot of people making their way to it. You and your blood-thirsty buddies will need to team up to pounce on all of these excited partygoers. Each level gets a little tougher, but if you’re clever and cunning like a real vampire, you will find a way to bite them all. So sprout your wings, fly out of that boring old tower, and start “making friends” in Vampirizer!